Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Club for Growth Fights Back

Yay, my first post on Walberg Watch!

In case any one hasn't been following the goings on in Michigan's 7th congressional district, Joe Schwarz has filed 3 FEC grievances against Timmy Walberg and The Club for Grownth for illegal campaign contributions. Well it seems like The Club for Grownth doesn't like being called out and has now filed it's own suit with the FEC against Representative Schwarz. THE CLUB now claims that there was “illegal coordination” between the Schwarz campaign and The Republican Main Street Partnership.

The complaint states that Main Street spent more on Schwarz's campaign than Schwarz's records says, and that Schwarz benefited from radio and television ads without the proper disclaimer. THE CLUB states that Schwarz is a member of the Main Street board of directors and therefore finds it hard to believe that Schwarz didn't have a say in the group's ads for his race. David Keating, executive director of THE CLUB, states that spending coordination between candidates and polictial organizations is illegal. The only problem, Schwarz isn't on The Republican Main Street Partnership's Board of Directors.

(Sorry if I did a hack job explaining this, it was really just background for my rant below. Check out the article here for more info.)

Why did THE CLUB file this complaint one could ask? As Keating put it, "The primary reason was we were sick of Schwarz filing bogus complaints against us."

So, when do you think these two will duke it out? In this corner, ultra right-winger Timmy Walberg. In the other corner, moderate Joe Schwarz. A minister and a doctor go round-for-round. Oh boy, isn't this exciting! It wasn't enough to beat Schwarz, now they are trying to drag him down to Walberg's level. Even if the FEC does side with THE CLUB, this complaint never would have been filed if Schwarz hadn't found out about THE CLUB trying to buy an election (the first complaint against Walberg and THE CLUB was filed before the election). This is too bad, Joe Schwarz isn't a bad guy.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, I think Tim Walberg will fight progress every step of the way. Now I know he didn't file the complaint, but it sure shows you the people that are backing this guy; the people that bought his office. It shows you the way they think. I guess you just have to say to yourself, what do you expect from a guy that still tried to make the connection between 9/11 and Iraq in his debate.

Being vindictive is a great first foot forward, so let's just hope that Walberg doesn't follow in the footsteps of his backers.

UPDATE by Fitzy: ... And welcome, InterrupT! There are a few new voices joining the blog as we end the year. Thanks to all of you for volunteering to watch Congressman-elect Walberg during his first (and only) term. (And to the new contributors-- I promise, this is the only time I'm going to edit one of your posts.)


As far as Schwarz's suit being bogus, I tend to differ.

CFG RAN his campaign and provided 85% of his funding, breaking several FEC violations along the way. A suit against Schwarz is truly frivolous, they have nothing to gain from it, they are grabbing at straws.

If anything it will hurt them because it will keep the Schwarz case in the sunlight. What big thinkers they are. If counter suing is the best they can come up with as a defense they are truly nut cases.

If Walberg is moral puritan he claims he is, he would welcome scrutiny of his campaign. Truth is he's a charlatan with no morals and no conscience. He repeatedly lied and slandered Schwarz. He enters Congress as a lame duck.

I really hope Schwarz keeps his feet to the fire. It's not just about the 7th, the gang did the same thing in other districts around the country. They must be held accountable.

Go Joe Go!
The Adrian Insider gave Walberg Watch a little credit on its post about this subject....check it out if you have a chance.
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