Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood

Inspired by some other Congressional District blog (ahem), some of the giants of the Michigan blogosphere are teaming up to create Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, a blog dedicated to Mike Rogers, Republican of the 8th District. This will be an incredibly important blog, as Rogers is one of the most vulnerable incumbents going into 2008 (second only to Tim Walberg), and has even been named as a possible Senate candidate against Sen. Carl Levin.

Add this blog to the list of blogs you check on a daily basis.

Also, one other note: As always, I'm open to others joining me on the Walberg Watch blog. Although the day-to-day blogging was mainly a solo effort prior to the election, I'd love to see some new (and better) writers take on Tim Walberg too. E-mail me if you're interested.


Fitzy - You done us proud! Thanks for the incredible inspiration. I just hope we can live up to the high standards you created for CD Watch Blogs! :-D
Just thought you should know, Walberg will be on "To The Point" on WOOD TV8 in Grand Rapids this coming Sunday. He is going to tell us how "traditional values" will bring the Republicans back into power.

WOOD makes this show available on their site, usually by noon or so.
Traditional Values???? Huh?? Like hiding child beaters in his campaign staff. That is the "New Traditional Values" I would rather have no values!! Fitzy congrats again on putting this website up. DEFEAT WALBERG '08 is now my daily motto!

So who's going to take Walberg on in 2008?

I say you should draft a Spade!

Doug, Dudley--either could take Walberg simply by carrying Lenawee County, not to mention improvements elsewhere by actually having a good candidate as opposed to the lackluster Renier.
I was thinking the same thing about Dudley. I think he is someone that people can get behind not to mention to a good job.
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