Thursday, January 04, 2007

And so it begins...

Congratulations to Congressman Tim Walberg, the new representative of Michigan's 7th District! Although we disagree with your policies and hope to unseat you during the next election, I sincerely hope and expect that you serve honorably and with integrity. You are a member of the United States House of Representatives, and proof of the value of our democratic government. Your election, though close and filled with negativity on both sides, was an admirable achievement. Good luck in your term in office.

Congratulations also to ex-Congressman Joe Schwarz, who served his district well, and for every other winner and loser from the 2006 elections. And congratulations to Nancy Pelosi, who has become the first woman Speaker of the House. Good luck to you in your advocacy of Democratic policies and ideals, which, with the support of a grateful nation, will improve the quality of life in America. Good luck to all members of the 110th Congress!

All of these people (and the voters, too) are evidence of the strength of the country. From John Dingell and John Conyers to Tim Walberg, our state and nation are filled with men and women who sacrifice much to serve the people. Let's all take a moment to appreciate their contributions-- not a bipartisan moment, but a nonpartisan moment. Thank you to everyone.

Now, forward we go!

There has been some discussion in the comments that I'd like to address, if I might. The contributors to this blog are primarily Democrats, and our partisan spirit is strong. But that's not a bad thing. We advocate the positions we feel are best for the country, and hope to oppose Tim Walberg, a Republican whose policy positions are damaging to the country. We don't do it out of hate, we do it in the spirit of accountability-- something that's been sadly lacking in recent years.

If we question Congressman Walberg's votes in Congress, that doesn't make us "foolish partisans." If we question his ethics, that doesn't make our posts "hate filled rants." If we hope to attract support from moderate Republicans, we don't need to hide our Democratic beliefs-- I sincerely hope that the partisan divide isn't so great that we can't find some common ground. We simply want the best representation we can get, and will point out the flaws as we see them.

From time to time, rhetoric has and will be a little harsh, but only because of the passion we have for the causes we support. But Republicans and members of any and all party are welcome to participate in the dialogue in the comments, and individuals who oppose Walberg (as that's the stated goal of the website) are welcome to contribute regardless of party affiliation.

Frankly, some of the comments recently bothered me. I'm not a partisan hack out to ruin a good man's reputation, and no one else on this blog is, either. I hope I've satisfied some of the commenters as to our honorable intentions. If not, well, such is life.

Congratulations, Congressman Walberg. I look forward to watching your victories, your defeats, and every moment in between.


I'm obviously biased, but I think you've been doing an excellent job, Fitzy. You're clearly hitting a nerve with this site, which means it's working. Keep up the great work!
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