Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bush, Schwarz, and Walberg on Iraq

The President addressed the nation last night and presented his new? plan for Iraq. 20,000 additional troops is crazy. Lets look at what our local politicians think of the plan.

In the Lansing State Journal, Tim Walberg says he agrees with the President.
Walberg said he favors the president's proposal because, "The majority of the people still want our United States forces to come home in victory."
What the heck does that mean? Yes, we want victory. I also want to win the lottery, but I don't sell off the home to buy tickets.

Senators Stabenow and Levin have it right.

Stabenow said Iraqi leaders won't take Bush's benchmarks seriously if at the same time, the United States sends more troops.

"The Iraqis need to step up and make the tough decisions necessary to govern their country," Stabenow said. "I am not convinced that escalating the number of troops will achieve that goal."

Sen. Carl Levin, D-Detroit, said he opposes any increase in troops.

"America supplying more troops while Iraqi leaders simply supply more promises is not a recipe for success in Iraq," he said.

Then in the Detroit News Walberg showed how out of touch he is.
Alone among the state's Republicans in offering unqualified support was newly elected Rep. Tim Walberg of Tipton. "I like the strength of commitment to victory," he said.
Even Joe Schwarz who was more than happy to campaign on the fact that he had voted with Bush 80 - 85% of the time realizes the President has no plan. The Battle Creek Enquirer has the story about the Congressman's talk in Albion yesterday.
He said a troop surge would only result in more American troops dying, and a gradual withdrawal was necessary.
It is interesting how far Schwarz is distancing himself from the Administration.
(Bush Sr.'s administration) didn't want to get into an urban warfare situation in Baghdad," said Schwarz, who sat on the House Armed Services Committee. "Well, what's happened? ... There appears to have been no real policy. If there's no real policy, there's no real strategy. And if there's no strategy, you just kind of float out there in the ether."
As I posted yesterday I attended this event. I had a chance to talk to Congressman Schwarz after his presentation. I asked him why he had not been more vocal of his opposition to the President's policy in Iraq while he served. Schwarz said to me that he was in person and maybe he should have more publicly. Schwarz also said that he disagreed with John McCain who has called for even greater troop numbers than the President. Remember that Schwarz was the head of McCain's Michigan campaign when he ran for President in 2000.

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Schwarz was ruled by an iron fist. I have no sympathy for him. I'm sorry, but Joe Schwarz's actions have ramifications.

It does no good that he said something in private when his votes and his closed mouth have caused additional deaths and maimings in Iraq that could have been prevented had he only had the courage of his convictions and stood up and said a resounding "No!"

Instead, when Murtha was smeared, where was Joe Schwarz?

He stood silently and allowed it to happen.

When they presented a sham of a bill to support the war and stay the course, where was his voice then?

So which statements and actions are going to be believable from Mr. Schwarz? The ones that said, "We don't 'cut and run' and Democrats are 'cut and runners'. Or the one that says now, "Bush has screwed up and 'stay the course' wasn't a strategy and he disapproves of the president's actions. (15% of the time)
Word, Susan. You speak for many of us who are sick of the hypocrisy.
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