Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Chris Van Hollen and Michigan

I know this has lots of other postings at other sites like Michigan Liberal. As has been posted here and on other Blogs Tim Walberg is a marked man. Today for the first time DCCC Chair, Chris Van Hollen specifically mentions Tim Walberg and the 7th District. This was first reported at Hotline on Call.


Big talk. Can they walk the walk? This district is always on the Dem's "radar", but when it comes to candidate recruitment and support the DCCC is silent.

Wake me up when a credible candidate is announced.

When was this district ever on the Dems radar?
Totally off subject, but possibly worthy of a new thread here, did anyone see any of the articles today about the latest terrorist plot foiled in the UK? It caught my attention because the town which it happened in was TIPTON.... So, I started doing some reading and it looks like Tipton, UK is the home of a few of the Gitmo detainees also. They have been dubbed the "Tipton Taliban." Check it out here:


and here:


Anyway, my post here has two points. One, offer up some fodder for a joke, albeit a crude one with tons of anti-PC opportunities, where anyone can draw a connection to some alleged terrorists from Tipton, UK and our own little wrecker/congressperson from Tipton, MI. And, number B, hopefully provoke some serious thought about our guy from Tipton who seems to think Mr. Bush is all-knowing and deserves blind allegence in the fight against terrorists. Mr. Walberg has repeatedly stated the war in Iraq is "the calling of our time." Of all the challenges we face here in Michigan in 2007, he thinks we all should be first and foremost committed to this war and uses some sketchy language loaded with sermoneese, "the calling of our time." Is not that type of "faith" in the commander-in-chief exactly what we are fighting against? Isn't the terrorist problem one where brainwashed religious zealots are marching on against long odds while under the impression they are doing God's work? How can we debate it? It is almost like, if I disagree with Walberg, I am a heathen. If I don't "believe" in his causes, his justification for supporting the war, his logic for opposing stem-cell research, or his values and moral code for women's health, then I am a subclass of a person.

When he gets up on his soapbox (which used to be a pulpit) and tells (preaches) to us (his congregation), I feel a bit used. A bit dirty... I don't really believe most of what he says, and I want to argue, but he keeps drawing religious parallels and alludes to biblical references and I think he believes we are all going to sit there like good sheep and take it.

His brand of politics is exactly what the First Amendment was to guard against--using religion to gain power. Walberg's masterful use of language is an attempt to gain a leg up, to place him in a seat up front, at the pulpit, in a position to preach.

I don't know if anyone else notices this theme in his campaigns or his political rhetoric, but my Protestant Christian spine tingles every time I hear his voice-- and I don't like it one bit.

Above is an interesting piece on Walberg, "Partisan Hack."
I have press releases from the DCCC in '96, '98, '02 and '04 that they were going to make a serious play for the district...then reality set in.

I take all these early pronouncements with a huge grain of salt.
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Yo, Jay. None of the sensible candiates against Nick Smith ever got close nor did Nick Smith ever get less than 50% of the vote. Don't drag Nick Smith down into the gutter by comparing him to Walberg. Smith was honorable, honest and served us well. He understood the district and worked hard. Smith was a good, conservative member of Congress and related well to many in this area. Walberg is so far off the edge of the conservative movement that he deserves the attention of the DCCC.
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