Saturday, January 06, 2007

Congressman Walberg's first votes.

On his first full day as a Congressman Tim Walberg cast some lovely votes. The Washington Post has a nice article about the Pay As You Go rules that the House adopted.

On its second day under Democratic management, the House yesterday overwhelmingly approved new rules aimed at reining in deficit spending and shedding more light on the murky world of special-interest projects known as earmarks.

Under the new provisions, the House will for the first time in years be required to pay for any proposal to cut taxes or increase spending on the most expensive federal programs by raising taxes or cutting spending elsewhere. And lawmakers will be required to disclose the sponsors of earmarks, which are attached in virtual secrecy to legislation to direct money to favored interests or home-district projects.

Mr. Walberg voted against this rule. Title 4 of HR 6.

Also from the Post article.
The House voted 280 to 152 to approve the rules, which drew the support of 48 Republicans.
Title 4 also deals with Earmarks. I thought Tim had problems with Earmarks? During his debate with Joe Schwarz he complained about some of Joe's votes and listed items like The Bridge to Nowhere, and swimming pools. Now I know that these rules changes do not eliminate Earmarks, but they do let us know where they come from. This is a good first step.

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