Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Joe Schwarz on Iraq

This will be a brief post. There should be more tomorrow in the Battle Creek Enquirer. Former Congressman Schwarz spoke in Albion this morning about his time in Washington. He spoke at great length about the situation in Iraq. Joe Schwarz was extremely critical of the Bush Administration's policy. Schwarz even said that there is no real policy.

As the President is about to announce a plan to increase our forces in Iraq, Joe Schwarz said that, "there is no future in Iraq militarily." He then stated his opinion that increasing forces by 20,000 will not make a difference.

I will be very interested to see what Andy Rathbun of the Enquirer writes about this.

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But Joe Schwarz wasn't vehement enough in his hatred of taxes ... that's why he had to be driven from office.
Like a poster said in another Walberg message board, if Joe couldn't be effective standing against the administration while in office, any bloviating now is hypocritical.

The extent to which he may be helping us on certain upcoming issues (stem-cell, for one) by talking to undecided individuals is something I would be unable to address. His influence on any of the Democratic values is a plus. But I fault him for not standing up to the illegal occupiers of the Oval Office while he was a U.S. Representative.
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