Thursday, January 11, 2007

Stem Cell Research - Walberg Votes No

Just an off-topic side-note-- I like that the Democrats are in control, and I like that they're passing real, helpful legislation quickly. But for the lowly blogger trying to educate himself and put up thoughtful posts on the issues... this 100 Hours thing isn't working out. Thankfully, they take breaks on week-ends, so Saturday and Sunday, look for posts explaining the legislation they've been passing.

Also, check out Doug's post below on Iraq, and read the news reports he cites-- especially this one. The war in Iraq is probably the biggest issue of the day, and Tim Walberg's position reflects the views of about 12 percent of Americans.


Today, the House passed HR 3 by a vote of 253-174. This bill would allow greater use of federal funding in embryonic stem cell research. Former Congressman Joe Schwarz supports such research.

Tim Walberg voted No. As has been common the last few votes, a number of Republicans crossed the aisle to support the Democratic position-- this time, 37 of them, including Congressman Fred Upton (MI-06). Democratic Congressman Bart Stupak (MI-01) was one of 16 Democrats to vote no.

CNN has coverage. Also, go read Congressman Jim Langevin's (D-Rhode Island) statement on the issue. Langevin was a victim of an accidental shooting 26 years ago and is in a wheelchair. An excerpt:

“I am the first to admit that my understanding of stem cell research has involved ongoing education, thought and prayer. As a pro-life Member of Congress, I have not taken my decision to support this legislation lightly.

“Over the years, I had the good fortune to learn about stem cell research from some of America’s renowned scientists, pro-life leaders like Senator Orrin Hatch, and a dear friend who is certainly on my mind today – Christopher Reeve.

“I have come to support embryonic stem cell research, because I see how it can be done ethically. And I believe that being pro-life means fighting for legislation that will eliminate pain and suffering and help people enjoy longer, healthier lives. My support for embryonic stem cell research is entirely consistent with a pro-life position.
In other news, Congressman Walberg was named to the House Agriculture Committee and the House Education and Labor Committee.

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Has Walberg voted FOR anything yet?

Michigan has a lot to gain from stem cell research, it shows great promise for diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Walberg is simply a neanderthal who can't see beyond moral absolutism.
A recall effort needs to be started, but we should wait for another month or so to get a better picture of this negative, ignorant representative. He is ripe for replacement, and I, for one, don't really care who wins the subsequent election. Anyone but Walburg would attract my vote.
This is one vote that shows just how to the right Walberg is. Schwarz worked hard to get a vote in the house on this very issue in the 109th.
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