Monday, February 05, 2007

Climate Change and Republican Disbelievers

By now, I'm sure everyone has heard something about the report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (news coverage here, for instance).

Global warming is a real, serious problem, and Al Gore isn't the only one saying it. The key item from the report:
The report is the panel’s fourth assessment since 1990 on the causes and consequences of climate change, but it is the first in which the group asserts with near certainty — more than 90 percent confidence — that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from human activities have been the main causes of warming in the past half century.
What does this have to do with Tim Walberg? After all, this is a political website, so it's not the place to debate the science of it, nor is it the place to discuss potential consequences. Frankly, I'm not qualifed for that sort of discussion, and I'm guessing most readers aren't either.

However, if the most serious consequences of global warming can be averted, it will take governmental action to change the human activities which have caused the build-up in greenhouse gases. Congressional Democratic leaders have promised to make the issue a priority. What will Republicans in Congress-- especially Tim Walberg-- do?

I wasn't able to find any statements by Walberg on the subject, but I read something today that was somewhat disturbing. It's a poll by National Journal, asking members of Congress the question, "Do you think it's been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the Earth is warming because of man-made problems?" What are the results?

Democrats: Yes - 95%. No - 2%
Republicans: Yes - 13%. No - 84%

(Thanks to Think Progress)

Comments offered by Republicans that took part in the poll ranged from bashing Al Gore to discussing the phrase "beyond a reasonable doubt." Congressman Mike Rogers and Congressman Peter Hoekstra were both part of the sample group.

So what does Congressman Walberg think? Does he feel that 90 percent cconfidence is "beyond a reasonable doubt"? I've sent him an e-mail asking, and will post his response if and when I receive one. Feel free to ask him about it yourself (or about anything else, for that matter-- he works for us).

Though, this isn't an encouraging sign: Walberg's Issues page (a work-in-progress, so far with little substance) lists subjects like "Life" and "Second Amendment," but does not include "Environment." To his credit, "Energy" is listed.

UPDATE: 13 Feb. 2007-- I don't know if my little post here had anything to do with it, but it looks like Walberg's website has a few new issue pages, including one on the environment. Still no content, but it's a start.

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Looking at the Club for Growth website for likely Walberg positions is a great idea, but on this one, I propose a better source: The Bible. Didn't God create the world for us to use as we see fit? Didn't he give us brains and natural resources so we could do whatever we want? I am guessing deep down, Walberg thinks carbon is just another one of God's gifts and releasing it into the air just gets us a little closer to Revelations...
In regards to his website, his issues haven't been cleared yet by Club for Growth yet.
Yeah he would need the approval from them since they financed his campaign!!! Better make sure the people who put food on your table then your own constituents.

Walberg thinks that carbon is god's 'gift' to us? It's more like a deathwish from the devil. Carbon is causes most of the problems in the world. Carbon is an apocalypse, because if we continue to create greenhouse gases, then Earth will be almost impossible to live in. I propose that the the goverments (UN), should instead spending more money on war machines, they should invest money on stopping global warming, or cause it to stop rising. This only one problem, yet it is the second most deadlist problem.
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