Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Power of Blogging

I'm a big believer in the power of blogging and internet-based activism to promote positive, progressive change, especially through political campaigns. The goal is for this humble little blog to be a major source of information for the 2008 Democratic nominee for the 7th District, and for anyone eager to elect someone besides Tim Walberg.

Simply put, I feel that this medium has a great deal of potential.

As it turns out, apparently Congressman Walberg feels that way, too.

Rep. Tim Walberg was the featured guest at today’s Conservative Bloggers’ Briefing at the Heritage Foundation. Walberg, who toppled liberal Republican Joe Schwarz in the GOP primary last year, is one of only 13 Republican freshmen elected last November. He brings to Washington a solid record as a state legislator and businessman.

Although he’s only been a member of Congress for one month, Walberg has made it a point to reach out to bloggers. He spent time with a group of us at the Heritage Foundation’s Conservative Members Retreat in Baltimore, and he reached out a larger group today.

Walberg said bloggers played an important role during his campaign — in both the primary and general election. He said he reads blogs daily, and his aides, Chief of Staff Joe Wicks and Press Secretary Matt Lahr, regularly circulate material from blogs to him. Walberg urged the group to embrace the technology as a way of keeping the news media in check and the Republican Party focused on conservative issues.

That's from the blog of Robert Bluey, who is the director of the Center for Media & Public Policy at The Heritage Foundation, according to his biography.

So Tim Walberg is reaching out to conservative bloggers? And meanwhile, liberal bloggers are taking an interest in the district as well, at large sites like MyDD, Swing State Project, and Daily Kos? Could Michigan's 7th be the place where the left- and right-wing blogospheres battle it out in 2008?

It'll be an interesting campaign.

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One thing about blogging is there has to be a certain degree of truth to credible.

For example the above post identifies Schwarz as a liberal. That's incorrect. That was campaign rhetoric from a less than honorable campaign and untrue.

Schwarz is a moderate Republican who voted with Bush 85 percent of the time. The lies and distortions endure.

Apparently in the GOP if you express an independent thought, you get branded a liberal. This is why the GOP is in such dire straights, they just don't get it.
I definately noticed the Walberg staffers in the comments I saw on some of the blogs this summer. Oddly, there would be 3 or 4 anti-Walberg comments and then suddenly a pro-Walberg comment would appear. Its so typical of Walberg to mislead us. Nothing he does surprises me.
Recall the SOB. I am waiting for his speech to the HR on the Iraq war. He is definitely not representative of the majority of either party. A well organized recall would send a message to these war mongers that our soldiers are more important that the legacy of a president.
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