Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tim Walberg anti labor

On the Conservative web site Human Events there is an interesting article that quotes Walberg, House Dems Seek Passage of Pro-Union Bill. The Bill is H.R. 800 Employee Free Choice Act. If this is a "pro union bill" and Tim Walberg is against it,
Rep. Tim Walberg (R.-Mich.) told HUMAN EVENTS that EFCA "takes away what we as citizens have come to expect in our country, which is an opportunity that when we have an election or polling that its free and private. Going to the card check-off is neither a producer of freedom nor of privacy."
then Tim Walberg must be Anti Union.

This is what the AFL-CIO has to say about the Bill,

The Employee Free Choice Act (H.R. 800), supported by a bipartisan coalition in Congress, would level the playing field for workers and employers and help rebuild America’s middle class. It would restore workers’ freedom to choose a union by:

  • Establishing stronger penalties for violation of employee rights when workers seek to form a union and during first-contract negotiations.
  • Providing mediation and arbitration for first-contract disputes.
  • Allowing employees to form unions by signing cards authorizing union representation.

Another reason why we must have a new Representative in Congress.

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I am a Northwest Airlines Flight Attendant with 22 years seniority. Since starting my career with Northwest I have been a Teamster, then a member of the PFAA (Professional Flight Attendants Association) and now a member of the AFA-CWA (Association of Flight Attendants-CWA).

I know what card checks are, and what they are not. I have signed them twice. They are NOT a democratic way to change unions or try to unionize. They are only a way to get to a democratic SECRET ballot.

PROTECT UNION MEMBERS by opposing the Employee Free Choice Act.
I don't know about anyone else, but I was under the impression card checks were supported by many unions. Is there widespread disapproval among the rank and file? If any other union members could keep this thread going with some more discussion, I'd be interested in the topic.
Card checks are supported by the union rank and file as part of a larger voting process.

Currently, signing a card indicates an individual’s desire to vote to either choose union representation or to change union representation. If over 50% of a group signs cards, then a secret vote is conducted as in any democratic election.

Changing the current system, which includes secret balloting, to use a card check process ONLY creates a situation ripe for manipulation.

A card check ONLY is an open process where individual votes are visible and is open to intimidation and retaliation by anyone who didn't like the stance of a particular person or the result of any election.

What if I vote for the union that loses an election? My new union representative may not be inclined to help me should I need representation.

I believe it is important to keep the balloting secret to protect everyone; a way to keep everyone above board.

I hope this explains this process in a clear manner.

PROTECT ME AND OTHER UNION MEMBERS by opposing the Employee Free Choice Act.

A Northwest Airlines Flight Attendant
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