Thursday, March 15, 2007

Accountability in Contracting Act - Walberg Votes No

Today, the House of Representatives voted on HR 1362, the Accountability in Contracting Act. The bill would reform the way in which the federal government deals with outside contractors, in order to promote transparency and prevent corruption (text here or here). It passed, 347-73.

Tim Walberg voted No.

Of Walberg's fellow Republicans, 119 voted with 228 Democrats to support the bill (with four Democrats not voting). Walberg was one of only 73 Republicans to oppose the measure. Michigan Republicans Dave Camp, Vern Ehlers, Joe Knollenberg, Thaddeus McCotter, Candice Miller, Mike Rogers, and Fred Upton joined the entire Michigan Democratic delegation, while only Congressman Peter Hoekstra joined Walberg in opposing the bill.

Apparently the "fiscally conservative" Walberg doesn't mind corruption.

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That is flat out crazy. I cannot understand why anyone voted against that bill and I hope he explains his vote.

With the initial findings of the Walter Reed controversy showing Hailburton had the maintenance contract to upkeep that building, I think more accountablity for agencies to oversee their contracts is very important right now. It is sad that 13 of our 15 Congressman could not be joined by Mr. Hoekstra and Mr. Walberg.

I'd say they have some explaining to do.
Basically, he votes No on issues he doesn't understand or comprehend. This limits his voting to social issues and abortion. Nothing else really matters to him. He's simply an ideologue who has never had an orignal thought in his life.
With everything that has happened from Iraq and all of Halliburton's no-bid contracts to Katrina rebuilding and Walter Reed, how can anyone vote no on this bill? Even some very conservative representatives from Western Michigan like Vern Ehlers voted for it. This is just one more reason why to get Walberg out of Washington. Does he even stand for anything besides idiocy and hypocrisy?
Walberg received a substantial amount of help from Gary Glenn, head of the American Family Assoc. of Michigan. Glenn has long been linked to ultra-conservative causes like gay-bashing, attacking public education, and other causes of the Christian right. (And when I say radical, Glenn might be one of the few public figures crazier than Tim Walberg...) Some of the major donors to AFA are also owners of Blackwater, which has been a major focus of Waxman's efforts over the past few years. (Waxman being the guy who introduced this bill.)

Anyone else have anything to add here? I think Walberg's ties to the Christian-right, especially with the DeLay, Abramoff, Ralph Reed scandals, are worth looking into-- and especially here in Michigan where people like Gary Glenn operate.
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