Friday, March 30, 2007

Colbert on Walberg, Iraq

You know it's a big story when Stephen Colbert mocks you on Comedy Central's Colbert Report...

Seriously, though, I really am getting tired of writing about Congressman Walberg's stupid comments on Iraq. It's embarassing enough to think that our elected representative would say something like that, and that this is how the rest of the country gets introduced to south-central Michigan.

But this one incident is sadly representative of the kind of politician Tim Walberg is. He's not interested in what's best for his constituents, or what they want, he's interested in spreading the failed policies of the White House, the Club for Growth, and the extreme right-wing of the Republican Party. He's not interested in the facts about Iraq; instead, he's committed to following the failed policies of a failing leader.

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You beat me to the post. Really, is it any wonder why Rove would think that his seat is up for grabs in 08?
Watching this guy has finally forced me to learn how to spell embarrassment. I need to write the word so often now.
It was just a matter of time before Colbert mocked Walberg.
It was just too easy...
Notice that John McCain was brave and sincere enough to apologize about his similarly boneheaded remarks about Iraqi security. McCain is man enough to admit a mistake.

Contrast that with Walberg. He entrenches himself in his idiotic thoughts. He not only refuses to retract what he said, he goes a step further each time he opens his mouth and actually sounds more and more absurd. And he will never admit a mistake. Love or hate McCain, he is a true statesman. Walberg on the other hand is a self-absorbed, petty, ignorant, partisan hack. Truth is secondary to winning in Walberg's world. Right is whatever he believes and he is mildly delusional and morally deceptive.
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