Friday, March 09, 2007

More from Walberg

Congressman Walberg's web site is lots of fun. Again, I went to his issues page. Health care is a concern to most working families. How many in Michigan and across the nation do not have medical insurance. Tim Walberg sits on the Education and Labor Committee. This should be one of his major concerns. It is not. When I went to his Health Care page this is all I found.
Washington, Jan 30 - U.S. Congressman Tim Walberg (R-MI) this morning entered the following remarks in the U.S. House of Representatives Congressional record.

“The renowned author William Shakespeare once wrote, ‘How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.’

“It is in that spirit of brotherly love that I come before this House to address an issue of great urgency back in my south-central Michigan district.

“According to a January 28, 2007 article in the Lansing State Journal, Michigan’s statewide blood inventory levels ‘have remained below an adequate supply for all negative blood types since early January.’

“The article goes on to state that a 72 hour supply of blood is typically necessary for the needs of patients in Michigan’s 127 hospitals, but the inventory level of certain blood types in Michigan has dropped to just a 12- to 24-hour supply.

“This past weekend I had the opportunity to participate in the St. Gerard Blood Drive held in Delta Township in Michigan’s Eaton County. While I confess I have never been a fan of needles, the feeling of civic duty experienced by myself and all the donors that day far outweighed any temporary pain we may have felt as a result of a needle.

“It’s said that a faithful friend is the medicine of life, and I urge my fellow Michiganders and Americans across this great country to heed the call of organizations like the Red Cross and make an appointment at your local blood donation center.”
So, just go give blood and everything will be all right.


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