Monday, March 26, 2007

Port Huron Times Herald: "Walberg is wrong. Flat wrong."

Port Huron may not be in the 7th District, but the Port Huron Times Herald got it absolutely right today in this editorial. It's refreshing to know that other people recognize how wrong Congressman Walberg was... I was starting to wonder after an editorial and letters to the editor in support of his comments appeared in Adrian's Daily Telegram (Tim Walberg's hometown paper, and mine as well).

Here are a couple excellent excerpts from the Times Herald editorial:
Congressman wrong on war and on Detroit

Walberg peddles false hope even as violence gets worse

Good news, America! The war is going well. Most of Iraq is peaceful and serene. Places such as Kirkuk and Basra are no more dangerous than Hamtramck or Highland Park. Outside of a few bad neighborhoods such as Sadr City and Fallujah, things are peachy keen.

What? You can't believe it?

You're in good company, then, because no one else quite believes it either - excluding, of course, the truest of the true believers in President Bush's bungled foreign policy. You know the kind. If the president said the Earth is square, they'd have the measurement to prove it.

No one is a truer believer than Tim Walberg, a freshman congressman from Lenawee County in southern Michigan.


Then there's another point: Walberg is wrong. Flat wrong.

Iraq is not like Chicago. It is not like Detroit.

In the four years since the war began, 1,576 people have died violently in Detroit. About the same number have died in Iraq thus far this month.

Detroit is measurably less violent than it was a decade ago. The opposite is true in Iraq, where the number of civilian deaths and bombing attacks have risen sharply in the past year. By summer, the number of U.S. troops in Iraq will exceed the size of the original invasion force in 2003.

It is worrisome that a member of Congress, even a novice member, could be so out of touch with reality. It raises a question: Was Walberg merely shilling for the president and peddling false hope about a war gone wrong, or is he really this dense?

That's the key question.

Do you really want Walberg representing you in Washington in two years?

Donate to ActBlue's General Election Fund for MI-07, which will be contributed to the eventual Democratic nominee next year.

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Walberg's comment made it onto the Colbert Report tonight. Come 2008, this quote should be easy to pull up again.
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