Monday, March 05, 2007

Schauer on YouTube, Thanks Bloggers

So maybe State Senator Mark Schauer (D-Battle Creek) isn't planning on running against Tim Walberg. But he's still in the 7th Congressional District, and he still makes some people's lists of potential candidates.

Regardless of what his future plans are-- Congress in 2008, or Governor in 2010, or Emperor of the Universe-- this is the sort of thing that helps to win support of the Michigan netroots (thanks to Flatwheel at Michigan Liberal).

It's not just that he thanks bloggers (though that's nice, too). It's that he's willing to reach out, taking advantage of technology to speak directly with us. Other candidates, keep this in mind as you begin your campaigns.

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God, I wish he would run for the 7th CD in 2008. The nomination would be his for the taking, and he would have the best shot at taking down Walberg.

Run, Mark, RUN!
Schauer is a lot like a duck. On the surface he calm and serene, but below the water he's swimming like hell.

I expect him to jump into it, because Michigan is going nowhere at the state level right now and there is nothing he can do about it. He's caught up in a downward spiral legislatively.
Schauer is odds on the challenger. I don't know why I think I know this for a fact, but the only reason he ever gives for not running is his pledge to his caucus in the state senate. If he were to go back to them at any moment and say, "Every single poll, pundit and prognosticator says I can win this seat," then I would wager every single dem senator would give him the green light and release him from his pledge. His senate seat is hardly competitive (Wenke's district is GOP, Nofs' is usually regarded as a dem seat, Griffin and Simpson are both dems who were skillfully aided by Schauer in 06.) His seat is safe if he donates a little of his brain trust.) He would be a moron (--I know I have been maligned in the past for using this term, but I cannot think of another way to put it...--) to sit it out again. Hell, he could have been a sophomore member in the majority if he had run in '04.
All Schauer does is bash and blame Republicans, that's the main focus of his podcast. Like most of the Democrat party that's their mantra because they are out of ideas, its easy thing to do. He has no clue about how the working world functions. He's never held a "non-public sector" job.

Be careful what you wish for.
That last post cracks me up. I feel confidant anyone could insert "Walberg" for "Schauer," swap reps for dems, and it would ring equally as true.
This Schauer talk makes me sick. He's just another politician that is willing to do anything not to leave politics...always looking for the next seat before he can even fisish what he started in the Senate. He's an opportunist...can't anyone else see that?
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