Friday, March 23, 2007

Walberg makes national news

Just a little update on the Walberg V. Detroit comment, Walberg's thoughtless comment made it to national news yesterday on the The Situation Room's Cafferty File. After Cafferty made his report Wolfe said something to the affect that 'I don't know of any IED's going off in major American cities.' (Sorry that is a paraphrase I'm not sure of his exact wording) Below are some of the comments people emailed in to the show. None of the Comments posted to the Cafferty File site were from Michigan or Illinois.

Since Bagdad is as safe as Detroit, the American troops should come home immediately. If we don't need an army in Detroit, we don't need one in Baghdad.
-Patricia, Florida

I'm curious, Jack. How many body bags do they use in Detroit and Chicago every night? How many innocent people are kidnapped and killed? How many bombs explode? How many soldiers are killed or wounded? This congressman needs to get his head out of his... out of the sand. -Al, Kansas

So since nearly all of Iraq is as safe as Chicago or Detroit, I'm sure he'd heartily agree with me and others who say that our military need not be there. But honestly, how can someone forget the tiny fact that Detroit and Chicago are not in the midst of religiously motivated civil wars? -Andrew, Texas
Fox “news” has also chimed in on this mess. Brit Hume started out his Political Grapevine Segment by stating:
There are some things you just can't say in America these days. Michigan Republican Congressman Tim Walberg said in a radio interview that American soldiers returning from Iraq have told him that most of the country is calm.
Sigh. Oh, and the title of this Grapevine; Feelings Get Hurt Over Political Correctness
Here are the links to both the Cafferty File and Brit Hume coverage
Cafferty File
Brit Hume

Way to make a name for yourself Mr. Walberg.

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Since Iraq is that safe, let's bring our troops home. Better yet, Republican Congressman Tim Walberg can not vote for keeping Troops in a Nation that is safer than Detroit!. Priorities, Priorities, Mr. Walberg, why would you insist on making Iraq safer than many parts of America. You must vote to bring the Troops home in order to make America as safe as Iraq.
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