Friday, March 09, 2007

Walberg on Iraq, I mean War on Terror

I went to Tim Walberg's official web site to see what was on his mind. I was wondering what he had to say about Iraq. So, I went to his issues page. I was surprised that Iraq was not listed. Then I saw the last link, WAR ON TERROR. Sure enough that is where he talks about Iraq, well kind of.
As Americans we are reluctant warriors, but throughout our rich history, whenever our troops have been in harm’s way, America has supported the men and women in uniform and made certain our troops have the necessary resources to accomplish their mission.

My wife and I pray for all men and women in uniform, and grieve for the loss of lives and injuries inflicted on these heroes who proudly serve our nation. I, as much as anyone else, want this war to be over.

I cannot support any resolution that says America has already lost and the leaders of our country no longer believe our troops can come home victoriously. It tells other nations that we are an unreliable ally, and they can no longer count on us in times of distress.

Without a doubt, mistakes have been made in Iraq, and these mistakes are important to acknowledge, but we must go forward with a new strategy in Iraq based on quantifiable goals and measurable results.
Congressman Walberg must be praying to the Republican spin doctors. This is now my number 1 reason Walberg must not be reelected in 2008. Anyone who still attempts to tell us that Iraq = War on Terror must think we are all stupid.

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I am certainly not a supporter of Walberg, but...the planting of IED's and mines, and homocide bombing IS an act of terrorism in my mind. The only way we will end this war is to kill them before they kill us or better until they have a change of heart and mind which is unlikely after 2000 years violence and tribalism.

I belive we ARE fighting terrorism in it's most insidious incarnation in Iraq.

Like Ghandi said, we will have war until they learn to love their children more than they hate us.

Like I said, I don't support Walberg, but I do believe we are fighting terrorism and we need crush it, once and for all.
Oh, I definitely believe we are in a contest against terrorists; we've known that for many years. What we did NOT need to do was stir up any more of the hornets' nests by going into Iraq in the first place.

...or...until they have a change of heart and mind which is unlikely after 2000 years violence and tribalism

Exactly. We KNEW that before going in--even GHWB knew it and is exactly the reason he pulled out before getting more involved in the first Iraqi conflict. Papa Bush sent Jim Baker and Brent Scowcroft to try to talk Son Bush out of his foolish determination but the neo-cons had their way with Shrub.

I doubt any of our service personnel would be getting killed or maimed from IED's or mines had we not gone over there in the first place. We need to be checking out suspicious characters already within our borders. And because this administration has been so lax in providing protection against terrorists entering our shores (because their mantra is exactly what you're saying "get 'em over there before they come here"), we have provided perfectly ripe conditions right here in the good old U.S.A.

The question is not if they'll strike again but when. They're here and they've come in more abundantly because those who should and could have been protecting our country were over "there" protecting us from them.

What a tragedy and travesty. For this administration to make the decisions they made that would jeopardize not only the U.S. but the whole world is absolutely unforgiveable. They should be tried as war criminals.
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