Friday, March 02, 2007

Walberg votes against Labor

We knew he would do it, so yesterday he made it official. Congressman Tim Walberg voted against The Employee Free Choice Act.

While this important piece of legislation was being considered our Congressman was more concerned about Canadian trash. Nice controversial issue to take a stand on Tim.

"One of my first acts after taking office was to join a broad, bipartisan coalition"
Why didn't Walberg write (right) a letter to the editor explaining why he does not support Michigan workers?

If we elect a Democrat we will get a member of congress who is concerned about Canadian trash and protecting the rights of workers.

Update in bold: Thanks to an comment I have corrected my mistake. I kept the original in ( ) so the comments will make sence.

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I was driving in Battle Creek today and heard Walberg's employee who is also a radio host on the air. (When I lived near town, I used to be able to get the signal all the time, but now I live about 15 minutes from BC and don't get the signal.)

So, anyway, he referred to franked mail as "free" and then went on to say that if they wanted to send a thank you note, the had to pay for it out of the office budget. I thought elected officials had to pay for thank you notes out of their personal funds. Does anyone know? We might have another ethics complaint here.
Another lesson in grammar or a freudian slip? (I hope Doug can see humor here in this post and I hope it does not take away from the serious issue Doug brings up that Walberg is openly hostile to organized labor.)

In the post, Doug asks why Walberg didn't "right" another letter. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and assume Doug was induced to slip up by the right wing nut we all call Congressman.
No, you give me too much credit. Just a nice reminder to read what you write before you post it.
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