Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Walberg Watch Gets Media Attention

Jackson-area residents may want to take a quick look at today's issue (March 27, 2007) of the Jackson Citizen Patriot, on the front page, in the bottom-right corner. If you do, you might see something like this, which I photocopied from my local library's paper:

Chad Livengood at the newspaper apparently felt that, given Congressman Walberg's recent comments and the subsequent media attention, the folks that have been watching him throughout his term in office deserved a little notice too.

Needless to say, I appreciate the positive attention, and hope that the article brings a few more people to the blog. Thank you, Citizen Patriot!

Consider this an open thread. Feel free to share any of your Walberg-related anecdotes and complaints.


Open thread, huh? Here is a question I thought of as I listened to Susan Demas speak on Jack Ebling's show today. I was drooling, hoping he would announce a call in number, but they never did...

Anyway, the conversation was on her attendance at an event in Jackson, where Walberg was hanging out with Karl Rove. She said there were about 200 people there. My question was, how come they could not get more than 200 people to come see Karl Rove? In the birthplace of the republican party, why could they only get 200 people to come see the brains behind the Bush Whitehouse?
In answer to the question, the GOP is terribly divided and most honorable Republican's are running from the current administration and it's henchmen. Out of the 200, probably half of them were there out of morbid curiosity.

The GOP has lost its way, especially in Michigan, and everyone is disgusted by the likes of Walberg who panders to the far-right and is the puppet of wacko right fringe. Lots of good people want no part of it.
I don't buy that one bit. Rove, love him or hate him, is brilliant. You must admit that just as you must admit the same thing about Bill Clinton or any other powerful political figure. And, republicans are still very happy with Bush and his administration. the low approval numbers are a result of practically zero independant or crossover support, but strong party allegiance.

I guess my question was more directed at the republicans in Jackson County and why they cannot seem to get it together. Granholm and Stabenow both won Jackson County, they have 1 democrat state senator from Battle Creek and one moderate republican senator from Monroe County and 2 democrat state reps.
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