Friday, April 27, 2007

Honoring An Environmentalist? Walberg Votes No

Just six days after voting No on a resolution expressing support for World Water Day, Congressman Tim Walberg cast another interesting vote for those of us interested in discovering his environmental stances.

Rachel Carson is, in many ways, the mother of the environmental movement. Her efforts-- particularly through her book, Silent Spring-- helped alert the nation to the harm we were (and are) causing our environment, often unintentionally. She was a scientist and loved nature. When she discovered that the pesticide DDT was causing the deaths of many animals (especially birds, and including humans), she went up against chemical companies to change the way we use pesticides, and encourage more thoughtful, environmentally-friendly actions. She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her work.

Why am I talking about Rachel Carson? Really, I shouldn't be. Not on this blog. But I'm curious to know what Congressman Walberg thinks of her.

See, there's this post office in Springdale, Pennsylvania. Congress likes to name federal buildings-- especially post offices-- after important people as a sign of appreciation, and because it's a gesture that doesn't really cost anything. It is, quite simply, the least Congress can do to recognize someone. The post office in Springdale, Pennsylvania, will soon be the Rachel Carson Post Office Building.

The United States House of Representatives passed that bill, HR 1434, with a vote of 334-53. There were 117 Republicans that joined a united Democratic caucus in supporting the bill.

Tim Walberg voted No. Michigan Republicans Thad McCotter and Candice Miller also voted against it.

I really have no idea what to say to that.

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I am the poster who added the World Water Day info. I too saw the Rachel Carson vote and bit my lip. I did not think anyone else had read her.. I totally underestimated her popularity. I read her back a few years ago when some friends of mine were taking classes at Michigan in environmental science. I cannot believe how arrogant Walberg was to vote against this bill.
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