Sunday, April 29, 2007

Life in Congress

The Battle Creek Enquirer has two "puff pieces" about Congressman Tim Walberg today, entitled "Walberg focuses on constituent care" (with a corresponding video) and "Twelve-hour days don't faze lawmaker". They each comment on what life is like for the Washington politician, with long days, tight schedules, and limited time at home in the district.

I don't necessarily mind these sorts of pieces-- it's interesting to get that sort of inside look sometimes, even if it's written in a way full of nothing but praise. I do worry that this could be a gesture of some good press by the Enquirer because of Walberg's scuffle with Susan Demas, but I'm certain that the paper will continue it's fine reporting on the substance of Walberg's politics.

For all our disagreements with Congressman Walberg, and really all political figures, we need to remember that they are doing a very difficult job, and deserve at least a little credit for being able to make it through to the end of the day. Mind you, I do think someone else (perhaps with a little "D" following his or her name) would do a much, much better job.

If you enjoyed those Enquirer pieces and you're curious to learn more about life as a member of the United States House of Representatives, I'd encourage you to check out the book "
Freshman Orientation: House Style and Home Style" by Edward I. Sidlow, a professor at Eastern Michigan University. Sidlow followed former Congressman Joe Schwarz-- the previous representative of Michigan's 7th District-- throughout his term in office, from the 2004 campaign to the 2006 election results.

There's some politics, but mostly it's an excellent look at how Congress functions on a daily basis, and what we're putting people through when we vote for them. Check it out.

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12 Hours is only a half-day's work!

Seriously, for the amount of time he's allegedly spending "serving" citizens, he's spent precious little of that time of West of 127. He cares little about half his district and appears to care even less about Battle Creek.
Wow, what is he, 55? Schwarz has ten years on him and did the same job, got better at it faster, and did more in one term than Walberg will accomplish in his career. Voting "no" is not what I want from a representative. He is probably being marginalized, just like the state house republicans did to him and I guarantee his Colbert fame is not exactly earning him friends in DC.
Give me a break. Schwarz would do rounds at the hospital before heading off to DC or any district meeting. When he was in the district he did both his Congressional duties and covered medical emergencies. He scheduled surgery on weekends when he was home.

Cry me a river he's working hard! I totally agree with the above poster.

We really blew it by letting this twit in office. Even he said it, he's a "temoporary" servant.
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