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Reminder - Walberg District Stops

Just a reminder... Tomorrow are Congressman Walberg's only three announced district stops. If you can make it to Hillsdale, Jonesville, or Adrian, stop by and tell Walberg how you feel about the job he's been doing.
Tuesday, April 3

8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.

Walberg to hold Hillsdale Coffee Hour

The Gathering. 2 N. Howell Street. Hillsdale.

11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Walberg to hold Jonesville Office Hours

Marcella’s. 202 E. Chicago Street. Jonesville

6:00 p.m.

Walberg to hold Lenawee County Town Hall Meeting

Old Courthouse Commissioner’s Room. 301 N. Main Street. Adrian.

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Are you going to be at the Adrian affair, Fitzy?

Thanks for the reminder
I'm not sure yet... But I'm going to try to make it.
Walberg's staffer is on the radio in Battle Creek for Good Friday. He is talking about how hard Walberg works, 16 hour days with only one day off per month. So we cannot say he isn't working hard while he is drawing national media attention to us with his ignorant (potentially racist) comments about Detroit.

The staffer has also managed to insult the Michigan Secretary of State and the Michigan Attorney General.

Then, to top it all off, David Nacht runs an ad on the station for his law office and Walberg's staffer cut off the end of the ad by talking over it.

Someone should let Nacht know he should request a credit for his ad getting cut off.
I believe having a Congressional staffer two-timing as a commercial radio personality is a gross conflict of interest and an FEC violation, if not a House Ethics violation, but Walberg doesn't see it that way and doesn't care. He's above ethics and the rules don't apply to him. I think this will bite him in the keister down the road.

I'm utterly amazed the by this guy's lack of integrity, common sense and scruples. The fact he claims to be minister makes it even worse. The guy has got to go.
Being a part time staffer in the House and then being an employee of a very heavily regulated media outlet seems strange to me. If it is ok according to House ethics, I am not impressed. It doesn't pass the smell test and the ethics of the House are not exactly a standard which someone should be proud of.
The staffer is on the radio today complaining about Schwarz's participation on the Governor's tax panel. It seems like every chance he gets, he tries to trash Schwarz. It is so obviously a political move that I cannot believe the station allows it.

Also, Nacht's ad was on again at 9:58, and the staffer cut it off again. He apologized again. If I was Nacht, I would be pissed. I never hear them cut off the ends of any other ads. Nacht should ask them if they are doing it on purpose or just simply unprofessional. Either way, it makes Walberg's staffer sound juvenille.
So, today Walberg's staffer spent most of the hour insulting the Battle Creek City Coucil, a popular pastime in Battle Creek lately. I think the guy is supposed to be making inroads for Walberg in Schwarz's backyard, and he apparantly thinks that is best done by tapping into the angry city residents. I don't disagree with his strategy, except for one thing.

In my limited experience with government and working with local officals on small projects, name calling and blame have no place. To be an effective advocate for an issue, decorum is important. If you lose on the issue, at least you have preserved everyone's dignity and might be able to work together on something else at a later date.

Another thing is that staff often follow the lead of their boss in dealing with others. I assume Walberg laid out the rules for his staff very clearly early on and made it clear how they should represent him in the community.

So, how is the city of Battle Creek going to ever be able to go to the current Congressman and get help when representatives of his office are second-guessing their every move on the radio for an hour every day?

Whether he likes it or not, his staff is a reflection on him and the Battle Creek is an important part of his district.
Wednesday's episode, sponsored by David Nacht. They mentioned it only one time (I hope he did not pay too much for it...) If Nacht knew the limited listenership of that program, I think he'd pull his ads, especially considering he is basically subsidizing Walberg's political operations.

And, totally crossing the line of ethics, Walberg's staffer/radio host was recapping the farm tours from yesterday. I guess Nacht is buying his own equal time (a one time mention as show sponsor and one ad ran--hardly equal,) but what about the other candidates who are expecting to run? Walberg has a 1 hour radio program available whenever he needs it to promote his own issues. How are you going to compete with that?

Walberg's staffer did manage not to talk over the end of Nacht’s radio ad today, which is professional…

Another thing he said was that some people might claim the farm bill is full of pork, but our farms would fail without it. Basically, it looks like Walberg might be flipping on farm pork just like he flip-flopped on highway pork.
Frankly, nobody in Battle Creek is listening to WBCK anymore. They only have a morning show which is two bafoons who should have retired long ago and Chris Simmon's show who's basic format is "I Love Tim, I Hate Joe." (Schwarz wouldn't hire him and he has a chip on his shoulder)

The rest of the programing is all right-wing windbags.

Nobody of any intellect calls into the show anymore, it's just a group of old cranks with nothing better to do.

By the way, the station has sold many times, was dumped by Clear Channel, he biggest Radio group in the country so I wouldn't put much stock in this station.
"I think the guy is supposed to be making inroads for Walberg in Schwarz's backyard, and he apparantly thinks that is best done by tapping into the angry city residents."

The only way Walberg can make "inroads" in Battle Creek is to be here and actually care about the community. He has a tremendous opportunity with the ANG Base, but it appears he dosen't give a rip. Personally, I just hope he stays in his Lenawee-Hillsdale coccoon for the rest of his term until someone more effective and intelligent steps up in 08.
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