Thursday, April 12, 2007

Walberg Ignores Constituents

From the mail bag: more evidence that Walberg would rather ignore uncomfortable complaints from his constituents. I hear that Walberg ignores unfriendly constituent letters as well.


Yesterday afternoon (April 9), I got an automated phone call at home, recorded in Walberg's voice, that he was going to appear at my township hall this afternoon (April 10) from 3:30 to 4:30PM. This was going to be at the Lodi Township hall, northwest of Saline. He was going to "visit and talk" with his constituents. I was wondering how this came about because nothing on his website indicated he was going to be anywhere NEAR Ann Arbor or Saline. Given the short notice, the only folks I could imagine being able to see Walberg at the drop of a hat and with little notice would be retirees, housewives, or maybe even the township-hall-full of Republican drones that were elected to the township positions.

Talk about a friendly audience. I would have had to either call in sick or make up some bald-faced lie to get out of work and see Walberg and give him my two cents worth on his (incredibly horrid and Bush-rubber-stamping) voting record, his comments on Iraq and Detroit, and his non-sensical comments about Democratic party "tax increases". Or for that matter, I'd just like to WHOP him upside the head. But I couldn't get the chance to do so.

If I was any more paranoid, I'd almost suspect that he staged this "visit" as to not meet REAL progressive-minded voters and only visit his loyal, Bush-loving, fundy base.

Not that I'm bitter or anything....

Mark Druckmiller
Saline, MI

Our thanks to Mark for the note and the info.

I don't understand because parts of Lodi Township are just as safe as Bagdad as long as you don't count vehicle/deer crashes I suppose.

If I were the good congressman I would be afraid to answer questions too.
I think we need to start calling Walberg the "Don Imus" of the house. He runs his mouth and people are insulted and embarrassed.

But then again, that probably wouldn't be fair to Don Imus.
This is Mark, the original poster of the email. I've actually written Mr. Walberg repeatedly to either suggest how he should vote on an upcoming piece of legislation or to comment on a vote that he made (like noting my disapproval). Up to now, so far, neither he nor anyone in his office has directly acknowledged my letters. This is incredulous, mostly because I have gotten serious, personalized letters from our Senators Levin and Stabenow, and from our former reps as well. But not Walberg. Nothing. Not a pip. I guess if you don't agree with him, you're not a faithful constituent worth hearing from.

I'm on the mailing lists of most of our representatives and senators, both state and federal officials so I try and read everything on what our elected officials have to say. So I even get Walberg's occasional press releases on what he claims to have accomplished. But I don't get any sense that he wants to hear from anyone who disagrees with him.

Did anyone read the article about Walter Reed today on the front page of the Battle Creek Enquirer? It is online also. Walberg has one quote in the middle:

"It's really a problem with one outpatient care building," said Walberg, who represents the 7th District, which includes Battle Creek, "and those problems are being addressed."

That quote is in stark contrast to the facts in the article. This is just more proof that Walberg is in over his head. I'd much rather have a Congressman who knew when to keep his mouth shut that one who spouts off irresponsibly on serious issues.

The Thoughtless Theocrat of Tipton strikes again...
Good god, I just read the Walter Reed article. Is Walberg really THAT clueless? And the contrast to Dr. Schwarz and his participation on the review team and his comments just blows you away...

I was reading the Sharnon Renier campaign page and I think we need to start calling him Little W....

For what it's worth, the Washington Post quoted Schwarz numerous times on the Walter Reed situation yesterday.

Maybe Walberg should get a subscription.
I wonder if he is going to keep giving us one reason every single month to distrust/ dislike and, in his collegues cases, disregard him?

Putting your foot in your mouth does not do justice to Walberg's mistakes. I cannot figure out which one of the following is a better description (maybe Fitzy can do an online poll???)

Is Tim Walberg examining his knee with his tonsils? Or is Walberg visually inspecting his transverse colon? Either way, we as voters are accountable and have no one to blame but ourselves for how we must look to the rest of the country.
Mark said:

Up to now, so far, neither he nor anyone in his office has directly acknowledged my letters.

For the first month after he arrived in D.C., I, also didn't receive any responses to my phone calls or emails. But starting in February, I've received five letters and each a direct answer to my phone calls requesting he vote a particular way on various bills.

Of course, he wasn't going to listen to me--someone he knows well and who has argued with him for over 20 years. But at least he responded--though vapid were his comments.

Take heart, Mark. You may soon be receiving one of his irrelevant letters. And after reading them, you'll even wonder why he bothered.
Not trying to cut Walberg any slack, but if you mail your letters to anyone in Congress, they take upwards of four weeks to get through security. Remember the anthrax scare back in 2001? All letters now go to some sort of facility to undergo a security check. I had a friend that sent a letter to a different member of Congress and did not get a timely response. He finally called and learned this information. So, email or fax your letters and you might get a faster response.
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