Friday, April 27, 2007

Walberg Votes Against Troop Funding, Withdrawal... Again

When the House passed a supplemental spending bill for military operations in Iraq, it included a proposed timetable for withdrawal of American troops. After reconciling the bill with the version the United States Senate passed, it was voted on again. This new version passed, 218-208.

As was expected, Congressman Walberg voted No, opposing any effort to end the war in Iraq.

... Ah geez. This is my last post for tonight. I think I've caught up with where things are at for the most part, but now I'm kind of tired.

Feel free to comment on Iraq and Congressman Walberg. I'm going to go and relax. Too much blogging for one day.

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If he was smart(which he isn't) he would have voted for it and let Bush Veto it and take the heat and "maybe" win over some of his constitutents. Bush will Veto it and the faster he gets it, the faster Congress can work on another proposal. He's only complicating the issue by opposing it. That's what I would expect from a clueless neophyte like him.
That last comment hit the nail on the head with one point. (Hint: Look inside those parentheses.)

Walberg has no opinions about the war, unless Bush has the opinion. Walberg sees his primary role regarding this war as a Congressman-Cheerleader for Bush.

The limit of Walberg's comments on the war during his campaigns have been only to repeat the offical line. During the last race he pointed out that he fully supported Donald Rumsfeld (not the most popular or respected SECDEF in the history of our great nation) and actually attacked Joe Schwarz for criticizing Rumsfeld. That was your key that Walberg was a rubber stamp on the war.

Since taking office, he took the Walter Reed problems (at an Army hospital) and used it as a pulpit to investigate the local Veterans' Administration hospital. (Not even the same part of the government.) It was either pure grandstanding or obscene ignorance-- I wouldn't wager a guess which.

Then, we have the tiny little story about his Colbert-worthy comments.
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