Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Berryman's Website is Up

Just a heads up: Jim Berryman recently launched his campaign website.

Kind of short on the content right now, but definitely the nicest looking of any of the 7th Congressional campaign websites.

What do you think?

Good to see Nirmal looking out for the DCCC in Michigan's "9th" Congressional District
Okay, first of all, I made an idiotic mistake (my mind's been all over the place) -- my sincere apologies.

Secondly, I don't look out for the DCCC and have no contact with the DCCC. I have no idea who they prefer, and I don't have a preferred candidate. I'm also vehemently opposed to the idea of the DCCC getting involved in primaries, because that's when the activists are supposed to sort things out for themselves.

I also think that mentioning that the website is A) short on content and B) looks the nicest isn't very controversial.

Finally, I think it's hilarious that an anonymous commentator accuses me of having an agenda. Everybody knows who I am, where I stand, and that I don't work for anyone. Care to disclose who you are and who you work/volunteer for?
Also, I'm genuinely interested to know what you were referring to about the DCCC in your comment. Would you care to enlighten us?
I think nirmal wants to push a certain organic farmer from Munith out of the race... Instead we get 'em supporting a guy bragging about King John's corporate welfare scheme... it has done a lot of good helping Michigan get back to work...
I think she's nice and she's smart, but you are correct -- I don't think that she'd make the best candidate, and I've said that before. I don't really want to get into arguing about why until I know who I'm arguing with.

That being said, I think that anyone who wants to run should run.

With regard to Berryman, I don't know anything about the guy, I just said his website was pretty (which it is). What's the big deal about that?
It is typical that someone that doesn't know what they are talking about wants to remain anonymous.
This individual obliviously doesn't have a clue about "..King John's corporate welfare scheme."
In the particular case that I mentioned (jobs in the District), the city, the township, the State and all of the employees have added to and continues to positively add to the economic stability of the area. Sure is a lot better than giving those dollars and jobs to Ohio.
I had a little contact with Berryman in '04. Seems to be a good guy and much more solid candidate than Ms. Renier.
I agree that she is a nice woman, but she isn't what we need in MI-07. We need a serious candidate with the fundraising prowess to take it to Timmy. Berryman seems like the man for the job.

If you support Jim Berryman then go to
and contribute what you can.

See my post on 5/22.
I will be contributing as we move a little closer to election season, no doubt about that. I just hope Renier doesn't manage to come out of the primary again this time. I can't believe she's been the nominee once, let alone repeatedly.
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