Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Jim Berryman Is In

I'm in a little bit of a hurry, but someone passed this along to me... This is the press release sent out this morning to all the local media:

Berryman For Congress


May 1, 2007 (517) 902-8330

Berryman Declares Candidacy

for Michigan’s 7th Congressional District

Former Mayor & Senator Berryman to campaign on message of

economic opportunity and good jobs for Southern Michigan

ADRIAN – Jim Berryman (D-Adrian) announced today that he will run for Michigan’s seventh congressional district. As a former Mayor and State Senator, Berryman has a proven track record of bringing people together to provide opportunity and prosperity for the communities he represents.

Berryman said he made the decision to run for Congress after several months of enthusiastic encouragement from citizens throughout southern Michigan.

“I have demonstrated that I have the ability to bring people together to create jobs; jobs that will allow an individual to maintain a roof over their head and put food on their table,” said Berryman. “I will do my best to continue to bring business and labor together to create more good jobs and strengthen southern Michigan’s economy.”

David Munson, the recently retired CEO of the Lenawee Chamber for Economic Development, said that Berryman has the leadership skills to get southern Michigan’s economy back on track.

“Jim Berryman is a true leader. He has helped to resolve strikes in ways that benefited business, labor and our community,” said Munson. “In the Senate, he worked with former Republican Governor John Engler to create the Michigan Economic Growth Authority (MEGA), which brought many new businesses and job opportunities to Michigan and specifically to the 7th congressional district.”

Berryman was born in Flint in 1947 and attended Adrian College. He was Mayor of the City of Adrian from 1985 to 1990 when he was elected to the Michigan Senate, where he represented a largely conservative district until 1998. Berryman, a former small business owner, mounted an impressive campaign for Congress in 1998 but ultimately fell short to a well-funded incumbent. He currently works as a Uniserv Director for the Michigan Education Association. He is married to Susan and has three grown children: Steven, Eric and Julie.

“Southern Michigan needs new leadership – and a member of Congress who will focus on bringing good jobs and more economic opportunity to our communities,” said Berryman.

Berryman is planning a formal campaign kickoff that will take him across the 7th district, which includes Branch, Eaton, Hillsdale, Jackson and Lenawee Counties, as well as parts of Calhoun and Washtenaw Counties.

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Any thoughts?

I'll share mine later.

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The Jackson Citizen Patriot has the story on its website: http://blog.mlive.com/citpat/2007/05/berryman_files_for_congress.html
Looks like the Battle Creek Enquirer beat the Jackson newspaper by a couple of hours: http://www.battlecreekenquirer.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070501/NEWS01/305010019
I hope like hell this man beat the live dog sh-t out of Walberg in 2008!!! HEY-HO TIMMY HAS GOTZ TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps. not the former congressman.
Beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, I tell ya....


I honestly know little about any of the potential candidates save for Renier and Strack. Fitzy, I'd love for you to fill us in once you learn more.
It's interesting to note which stories get the Walberg stamp of approval by making his website and which ones don't. anyone else notice this?
I didn't know anywhere else to put this, but has there been any news about the other candidates in the race? Not much, if anything, has been put on this site about Reneir or Nacht in a while.
I didn't know anywhere else to put this, but has there been any news about the other candidates in the race? Not much, if anything, has been put on this site about Reneir or Nacht in a while.

Not much has been put up about Renier or Nacht for a while because neither has made the news in a while. It's not a secret bias on my part, but just the fact that Berryman has gotten more press. (Actually, David Nacht was in the news for a presentation in Battle Creek on civil rights and women in the workplace. But there wasn't anything 7th District-related that I saw.)

I have been in contact with all three of them-- Berryman, Nacht, and Renier-- at various points this year, and I hope that they'll all be interested in staying in contact with me as the campaign progresses. The same goes for Congressman Joe Schwarz, too, as he decides what his plans are.

Also, remember, Berryman's announcement is pretty early. Regardless of whether that's good or bad, there's still plenty of time for Renier, Nacht, Schwarz, or even someone we haven't mentioned yet to get in and get a lot of attention.

In May of 2005, no one cared about the Democratic primary yet, and Tim Walberg hadn't even announced that he would challenge Schwarz.
Nacht has been running his campaign ads...err, I mean law firm ads in Battle Creek.

They are blantantly political in my opinion and being done purely for name recognition, but lawyers do things like this. Take it for what it's worth.
Walberg made it very clear from the closing days of the '04 campaign that he was not happy with Joe Schwarz winning. The Walberg camp had Schwarz in their sights for exactly two full years. Walberg formed a "Beat Joe Schwarz" fund in the last few weeks of the first race, with a goal of basically sinking Joe rather than winning.

Then, during the general election, Walberg went out and campaigned for David Horn, the Constitution Party candidate, telling people he morally could not vote for Joe Schwarz.

Very early in 2005, Walberg started working the district and writing opionion pieces on conservative issues. He was planning a rematch before he even lost the 04 race and he kept it up for 2 full years.

I think Berryman getting in is a bit early. Schwarz did not announce for the 04 race until early that year. I remember reading that he informally announced at the Rose Bowl. But, maybe Berryman needs the early exposure to get the funds rolling and if that is the case, all the best to him. If Schwarz decides to sit this one out, I will support Berryman. He seems reasonable, I know Schwarz considers him a friend, and if no one is going to challenge Walberg in the GOP primary, I will be supporting a Democrat.
Jim Berryman is a great candidate. He knows the issues and is a moderate Democrat which is what this area needs.When you talk to him you will know what i mean.
Go Berryman
Does Berryman have a website yet?

Anyone know?

Nick Smith
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