Sunday, May 13, 2007

Walberg Gets a "Peace Pie"

I'm generally a fan of most foods, but desserts have a special place in my heart. So I couldn't help but be jealous of Congressman Tim Walberg when I read this:

Two local congressmen are among those targeted by a nationwide peace group to receive "peace pies'' for Mother's Day this year.

Reps. Mike Rogers, R-Brighton, and Tim Walberg, R-Tipton, are among the 150 representatives and senators from 38 states slated to receive peace pies from mothers participating in a national demonstration supporting a U.S. Department of Peace.

The homemade pies will be delivered to congressional offices this weekend with a slice missing to show how little impact the estimated $8 billion needed to create the department will have on the federal budget, organizers said.

So why do Rogers and Walberg get pies? Well, apparently getting a "peace pie" isn't something you should be proud of.

Both Rogers and Walberg are on the list because of their staunch support for the war in Iraq and military defense initiatives, said Patty Kuderer, communications director for the Peace Alliance, the nationwide nonprofit organization pushing legislation to establish a national department of peace. Kuderer said.

"The approach we have toward violence and conflict is not working and we're calling on moms, and all people really, to stand up proactively,'' she said.

Tim Walberg gets a pie because he supports violent policies. I've got to say, I really like the idea of using pastries for political symbolism.

For more information on the Peace Alliance, you can visit their website here. The "Peace of Pie 2007" page is here.

Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

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That write up on Walberg and Roger's is a joke. Mike Roger's at least understands the roles of government use of force and has worked hard to understand the issues.

Walberg is a rubber stamp. He knows nothing about the military and when he got caught saying something racist about Detroit, he tried to tell everyone he was just passing along the sentiment of troops in Iraq. Notice what he did with that verbal slip-up. He never came close to apologizing, and he actually had the nerve to deny they were his thoughts...

His lack of knowlege is dangerous whereas Roger's educated positions may be wrong.
I hoped he enjoyed it!!!! He probably ate the whole thing himself and never bothered giving the other slices to his congressional staff!!!!

Yesterday, Walberg's staffer/ radio host read an email on the air from a local democrat who is pretty well known around Battle Creek. At the end of his comments, he actually made fun of the guy, and made a snide comment about him probably being a recipient of a government check, as if that was enough of an insult for the conservative listeners to understand. The sad thing would be if the guy had some kind of mental illness. If that were the case, those comments were disgusting
Wow, I'm listening to that radio show right now and the host/ Walberg staffer defended Ron Paul's comments on the Iraq situation. So, you have the head of the Michigan state party calling to eliminate Ron Paul from future presidential debates, and you have Tim Walberg's staff proclaiming on the radio that our foreign policy over the years is one reason why we were attacked by terrorists. There is a chink in the armor of the united republican front in Michigan
I guess this would be a live blog today, regarding Walberg's radio host. Anyway, someone should really sit David Nacht down and let him know how conseravtive the radio audience is on that station. He will never get a vote from their listeners and raising his name ID among conservatives is probably not a good use of resouces.

Besides, he is essentially subsidizing Tim Walberg's political operation by giving advertising money to that radio station. It would be fine if you had the access Walberg gets, but the thought that they will start interviewing Nacht (or any democrat) on a regular basis is absurd.
Here is another example of Walberg being out of touch with his district and dangerous for America.

The House is debating the Federal Housing Finance Reform Act of 2007 (HR 1427.)

People may recall there have been some scandals at the FreddieMac and FannieMae organizations and more oversight is the easy answer. Regardless, there is consensus among many in goverment (republicans and democrats) that these programs are instrumental in getting home loan access to the poor.

As of now, the bill is stalled, but there was an amendment offered by Rep. Scott Garrett which failed 92-322. It would have limited the mortgages offered by those organizations to only lend to borrowers below the median income level. Nice idea, except as income levels go down, bank defaults go up (especially if there is a difficult local economy like we have here in Michigan.)

So, if a lending institution is forced to limit lending to only the poorer end of the population, and times are tough, that institution would be forced to increase interest rates (no safe loans to offset the risky ones) and likely will cease to exist. This amendment would devestate those institutions, erode our record gains in home ownership and make it very difficult for people on the cusp between middle and low income levels to own a home.

Guess how our Congressman voted? He sided with killing home loan programs and against poor working families who need assistance getting a first mortgage. He sided with the Club, against his district. There is not a rich person in the world who needs help getting a loan for anything, but the rest of us need some help from time to time.

Too badd Tim Walberg doesn't care. I only hope he was misinformed on that vote, but I doubt it. It is recklessly un-Christian to leave those who are most in need out in the cold. But, when the Club demands a vote, you must obey or face the consequences and that is just too much to risk for the Cheapskate from Chicago.
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