Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Walberg, Money, and the 2008 Election

According to Politicalmoneyline Congressman Tim Walberg has $159,893 in his campaign account as of 3/31/2007. We all know that it takes a great deal of money to win an election. All the talk and comments about how bad Tim Walberg is will mean nothing if we do not start to raise some cash. Last week I posted about my support for Jim Berryman and the creation of my fundraising page on ActBlue. To date I am the only one who has contributed.

For some time there has been a link on this site to give to the Democrat who wins the nomination. As of post time there has been a grand total of $21 raised.

It is time to wake up people!!!!!

There are a lot of people who come to this site. I know everyone can afford something, $10, $25, $100, or more. This Blog alone will not win this election. If we want to show that the bloggers will have an influence in this race we will need to begin to raise some serious cash. Look at what can be done. The Blue America Communities have raised $545,169. Now I know that these are large Blogs, but it does show what is possible.

I challenge every regular reader to go to ActBlue and set up your own page. Send links to all your friends and family. Lets see who can raise the most money. You do not need to live in the district, you just need to want to get rid of Walberg.

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Does it say where his money came from? In 06 more than 85 percent came from CFG and special interests OUTSIDE the 7th. He had a very hard time raising any money IN the district.

He is a servant to the plutocrats who helped elect him, he's not a servant of the people of the 7th CD.

Take a good look at Opensecrets.org and see exactly who funded him in in 06.

It's a real eye-opener.
Enough said. I made my contribution. Anyone else?
Way to go Jeremy!

My only fear is the sooner we all pony up, the sooner that the Club for Growth will start filling Walberg's coffers. It is too soon.

Berryman needs to start with issues if he is going to beat Walberg. And, I would not spend one dime on a "beat Walberg" fund. I need to see a serious contender, with serious issues before I lift a finger or open my wallet.

I'd be really pissed if I gave to the fund for the primary winner and found out Renier took the nomination for the third year in a row.
I agree about the "And, I would not spend one dime on a "beat Walberg" fund". That is why I don't have that option on my Actblue page.

As for it's too soon, that makes no sense. Walberg will have as much money as he wants the only question is will the Dem have enough. 2006 showed that you do not need to match them $ for $, but you do need to have enough to compete. That means it is never too early to start.

Berryman has all the issues. Issues do not win elections money wins elections.
I'm going to wait to see what Schwarz does before writing any checks. If he runs, I'll support him; if not, I'll support Berryman.
Have to agree with the Anonymous One here. Don't want to contribute now, only to have Renier walk away with the nomination. I will be contributing when I'm satisfied we have a quality candidate.
Number07 and others who are waiting.

I am supporting Jim Berryman, have giving to his campaign, set up my Actblue page, and asked others to give, because I want to make sure that we have a quality candidate. Sharon Renier won in 04 and 06 because everyone sat around waiting to see what would happen. Please don't make that mistake again.
What about Fred Strack?
The only reason I think it is too early is I don't know who all the candidates are. I really think Berryman is a great candidate, a good person, and has a real shot at beating Walberg. But, I'd still like to see Schwarz challenge Walberg.

Imagine if our choices were Berryman or Schwarz in November of 08. That would ensure we had a quality representative in DC fighting for us.
Fred, unfortunately has decided not to run.

To Anonymous who said, Imagine if our choices were Berryman or Schwarz in November of 08. That would ensure we had a quality representative in DC fighting for us."

Only if Berryman won. Joe in my opinion was not a quality Rep. Anyone who is proud to state that he votes with Bush 80%-85% of the time is not for me.

For the last time I will say, Joe can not beat Walberg in a primary.
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