Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Walberg taking credit

When I saw Fitzy's post today it reminded me of other press releases Congressman Walberg has made over the past month or so. Like this one that was in the CitPat.
U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg, R-Tipton, announced Tuesday he has secured a $400,000 grant for Jackson's Brownfield Redevelopment Authority to assess polluted industrial land.
When was this applied for? How was Walberg involved? Is he just taking credit?

Then there was this one from the BC Enquirer.

Battle Creek Academy has been awarded $112,446 from the U.S. Department of Education Carol M. White Physical Education program, according to U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg, R-Tipton.

“I am pleased to announce this grant, which will enhance the physical education and physical well being of children in Battle Creek,” Walberg said today.

Notice that this grant was applied for in 2006 before Tim took office. From a second article.
Funds represent the first year of a requested three-year grant, which the school applied for in April 2006.

The Citpat again.
  • Hillsdale Dial-A-Ride received $495,000 in grant money through the Department of Transportation. It is to be used for bus procurement and equipment. This grant was announced by Congressman Tim Walberg.

  • It seems he is taking credit for a lot of things that he had nothing to do with.

    This is par for the course for Walberg, who seems desperate. If the CitPat had real reporters, they wouldn't just recycle press releases and actually find out details on the grants and how Walberg has done nothing to get them.
    Walberg is a charlatan. He is a master of subterfuge. Sleight of hand is his trade. He can turn water into kool-aid with the wave of his greasy hand.

    This dude has like 10 years of life-experience as an adult outside of elected office. He's been a paid politician for 2/3's of his working life, with no other real job to show for it during those years. He has very little in common with anyone in his district and was able to retire at the age of 54 to run for Congress full time. How many of us can do that?

    Then again, if we all had free health care for life and a $50,000 per year state employee pension, who among us wouldn't take a crack at Congress?
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