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Demas: Walberg is a liberal

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In today's Battle Creek Enquirer, Susan Demas (a favorite of this blog) begins an editorial with five simple words:
Tim Walberg is a liberal.
Has she lost her mind? Has all that stress-- long hours, working hard, and actually reporting the facts-- finally made her crack?

I was worried for a moment, but it should be Tim Walberg that's worried.

Go and read the whole thing, you really should. I'm going to give you a few excerpts.
It is with heavy heart that I write these words about our congressman, because I never thought I would.

When the good reverend rode into the Capitol on his Harley-Davidson Road King, he vowed to stop the pervasive problems of gays getting hitched every five seconds, guns being ripped from the hands of law-abiding toddlers and abortions being performed at the rate that McDonald’s sells Big Macs.

That’s why he had to oust that big lib Joe Schwarz, who was masquerading as a Republican, but as all true patriots know, secretly carries the title of general secretary of the Communist Party USA.

But alas, it seems the Washington ethos has corrupted the man who seemed incorruptible, the Rev. Walberg.
Demas then proceeds to list some of Walberg's accomplishments, which, interestingly enough, are nothing like his promises from the campaign.
He knew that guns, gays and abortion are the fundamental issues of our time and talked of little else on the stump. So where is this kinder, gentler Tim coming from? Is this the little boy who dreamed of being a forest ranger while frolicking in the wooded acres Chicago’s south side, as he recently told a beltway reporter?

Sir, I know you grew up in the 60s. But it’s time to put that hippie persona to rest. We elected you to round up immigrants in a rickety pick-up and ship ‘em back. We sent you to Washington to pass a whopping 23 percent sales tax on consumers in your “fair tax” plan. We voted for you to kill the Department of Education, because as you said, a nation of 300 million people does not need a federal system.

Perhaps it’s time for a true Republican to stand up against this turncoat in next year’s primary, finally reclaiming the 7th District for family values. I know it breaks Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment — “Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican” — but Walberg already hurled that imperative out the window in 2006 with his ad assassination of Schwarz.
And the conclusion...
Why has thou forsaken us, Rep. Walberg? A cynic would say you’re terrified of the next election since the Democrats have taken back Congress, have topped the polls and have vocally targeted your seat. A cynic would note you still preach traditional social issues to evangelical churches and conservative groups, but you turn on the limp-wristed, lefty charm when appealing to the more than 50 percent who didn’t vote for you last year.

But I have faith in you, reverend. I know that although you’ve lost your way in the cesspool that is our Capitol, you’ll return to the warm embrace of the conservative clan before the 2008 election.

You’re going to need buckets of cash to survive this skirmish, after all. And they’re the only ones who are going to fill your collection plate.
Really, though, you should read the whole thing. I skipped over the jabs at the Club for Growth and radio host/Walberg staffer Chris Simmons, as well as some other good stuff in the middle.

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I'd say Demas is right on top of things. In today's Congressional Blog, Rev. Walberg makes a bold statement proclaiming he wholeheartledly supports stem-cell research.

Funny, it seems during the campaign that was one of the Cardinal Sins of anyone associated with the religious right and one of his harshest condemnations of the Honorable Joe Schwarz.

Just goes to show how two-faced this charlatan is and why he needs to be ousted.

Too bad Demas is the only one saying these things. Other journalists need to do their homework and expose him for what he truly is...apparently a Liberal!
Once again Walberg votes no on an important issue and is in the minority.

He consistantly votes no. He's an obstructionist and has a very shallow understanding of things.

His information on stem-cell facts he cited is absolutely wrong, but consider his sources.

He had a great opportunity to extol "life-affirming" research and advancements which would also provide great benefits to Michigan research funding, but instead his closedmindedness and tunnel vision on this important issue clouded his judgment and he voted no.

We must elect someone more intelligent and reasonable. We all deserve better.
Just to be clear, in voting "no" on this latest bill, Walberg says that he *still* *does not* support stem cell research. His splitting hairs is simply dodging the issue.

I wonder who is feeding him this stuff, as he certainly is not up to it himself.
The radio show today managed to totally avoid the topic of Demas and her story. The host repeatedly brought up the fact that he is working for Walberg and talked at length about a few issues near and dear to the Walberg camp (immigration for one.)

--Wait, lets talk about what he said.

(And, as a preface to this little rant, lets assume, as I do, that this radio host is a spokesman for Walberg, which is also his job. He was even late to the radio job this morning because he was at a meeting for Walberg--which he used to insult Sen. Mark Schauer as a windbag.)

Back to the rant, the host declared victory on the immigration issue. They have managed to derail the bill for another year by demanding no amnesty be included. They will hold that hard-line, deport-12-million-illegals-before-anything-else approach at the cost of addressing the underlying issue which is bad immigration policy. Now it will continue to be an election issue and we will continue to import labor with a set of laws which do not fit our country's security needs nor our employers' labor needs. They are proud to serve as obstructionists. Is that what we elected? (Hint: yes it is.)

So, back to the radio. They packed what usually is a free-topic, call-in show with hand-picked topics. He changed the format of his regular show to one which he controlled.

Then, right at the end, he thanked Demas for the "plug" in her article.

Oh, and to top it all off, literally, the show today was sponsored by David Nacht. (He's only spending money on BC radio because he does not have to listen to it from Scio Township.)
I really think this radio show will bite him in the butt soon. It's blatantly political and partisan and many fell unethical. Problem is ethics in this Congress are so dumbed down that things like this don't even get on the radar.

Walberg is mentioned or promoted daily on this show.

Truth is, listenership is way down on this station, it's moved so far to the right with all their programming (Bortz, Rush, Hannity) throughout the day that people have moved to other media for information. The station was dumped by Clear Channel recently.

Chris Simmons is essentially a good guy, but he's just been overserved with Walberg Kool-Aid. It's too bad he's putting his career on the line by getting involved with Walberg. I think he may regret it in the future.
I cannot figure this one out either. Would the "liberal culture of death" that Walberg campaigned against support a ban on human cloning?

Walberg had a chance to make it very clearly a crime to clone humans and he voted against it. It failed 204-213.

His right to life grassroots are going to question that decision. Many of the arguments against embryonic stem cell research hinge on the doomsday scenario of it encouraging human cloning. Why would Walberg take a pass and not outlaw cloning?
I do think it's about time for someone to come up with the website I think it would suit him just fine since him and his cronies from the Club for Growth started one for Joe Scwartz. Go read from Susan Demas. I enjoyed every bit of it.

Im Nick Smith and I approve this statement
I would love to see some sort of equivalent to "JoeSchwarzisaLiberal" aimed at Walberg.

I think Tim should get a good dose of what he allowed to be advanced on his behalf. He can hide behind the cloak of Club for Growth, but a website which assassinates his character would be justified and fitting. What's the old saying, "an eye for an eye?"

Interesting thing is that a website like that wouldn't have to lie or stretch the truth.

For someone who claims to be a minister, he did some pretty unChristian things in the campaign, or at least allowed it to happen.

It's going to be a fun race to watch!
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