Friday, June 22, 2007

Tim's office posted the earmarks today...

I had called earlier in the week, after the CNN story broke, asking why Tim had not responded to them on listing his requested earmarks. Today, his office posted them...
Here's the list from his website...

"Below is a complete list of the appropriations project requests submitted by Congressman Tim Walberg (MI-07) for Fiscal Year 2008.

It should be noted that these projects have zero budget cost and do not constitute new spending as each application seeks to be included as part of the budgeted appropriations process.

Projects are listed according to the appropriations bill they would be included in.

Pursuant to House rules, Congressman Walberg has filed certifications with the Chairman and Ranking Member of the appropriate subcommittees stating that neither he nor his spouse have a financial interest in the project requests.

Defense Appropriations

Dexter Research Center, Inc. - Dexter, Michigan
Total Perimeter Surveillance capability to identify and respond to chemical and biological attacks

Michigan Air National Guard - Battle Creek, Michigan
Lightening 4th Generation Advanced Targeting Pod Procurement for F-16’s and A-10’s

Peckham Industries - Lansing, Michigan
Fleece Insulating Liners for Extended Cold Weather Clothing System for the Department of the Army

Peckham Industries - Lansing, Michigan
Cold Weather Layering System for the United States Marine Corps

Peckham Industries - Lansing, Michigan
Multi Climate Protection System for the Department of the Navy

Note: All three of these preceding projects are performed by Peckham Corp, a company that employs the disabled in Charlotte and Lansing, Michigan.

Rockwell Collins - Ann Arbor, Michigan
Digital Heads-Up Display upgrade program for the F-15 for the Department of the United States Air Force

Rockwell Collins - Ann Arbor, Michigan
Global Air Traffic Management program for the KC-135 for the Department for the United States Air Force

Sparton Electronics - Jackson, Michigan
Sonobuoys for the Department of the Navy.

Energy & Water Appropriations

Jackson County Parks Department – Jackson County, Michigan
Cascades Park Renovation Project

Labor, HHS and Education Appropriations

Adrian College - Adrian, Michigan
Adrian College Nursing Science Laboratories Project.

Herrick Medical Center - Tecumseh, Michigan
OB/GYN Medicaid Clinic

ProMedica Continuing Care Service Corporation – Lenawee County, Michigan
Implementation of a telemedicine pilot program to remotely monitor home health patients with Congestive Heart Failure, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, diabetes and other targeted high risk patients with a chronic disease

Sienna Heights University - Adrian, Michigan
Math Education Technology Training Initiative

Sienna Heights University - Adrian, Michigan
Siena Heights University Nursing Initiative

Sienna Heights University - Adrian, Michigan
Siena Heights University Special Education Initiative

Starr Commonwealth - Albion, Michigan
1 To 1 Technology Initiative

Transportation, Housing & Urban Development Appropriations

Battle Creek Transit - Battle Creek, Michigan
Bus replacement

Branch Area Transit Authority - Coldwater, Michigan
Bus replacement, radio tower repeater system, technology upgrades and facility upgrades

City of Jackson Transit Authority - Jackson, Michigan
Bus replacement

Hillsdale Dial-A-Ride - Hillsdale, Michigan
Bus replacement, technology upgrades and completion of construction of a
new building

Marshall Dial-A-Ride - Marshall, Michigan
Bus replacement

Michigan Department of Transportation – Calhoun County, Michigan
Resurfacing of M-249, south of Golden Avenue, to M-96

W.K Kellogg Airport - Battle Creek, Michigan
Request airport improvement for a new parallel runway"

Anybody know what "zero budget cost" means? Aren't we cutting checks?
Also, where are the numbers? How much did each earmark cost?
I notice the only earmarks for Washtenaw County are defense contract related...

As I recall, Walberg blasted Schwarz for appropriations he got. Schwarz worked hard to get funds for I-94, whatever happened to that? What has Wally done for the work Schwarz started?

It appears he's eating his words because those pesky "earmarks" that used to assail Schwarz with are apparently really pretty important afterall.
Walberg promised he'd never support an earmark.


He is a liar. He went from spinning and half-truths to a flat out lie. He insults opponents and black people and he lied to his supporters.

I wonder if the Club for Growth approves of these earmarks? How is he ever going to get enough money to run for re-election?

I hope Schwarz runs against him, exposing him as a liar and sends him packing back to Chicago.
Why don't we start an ad campaign which highlights all the other state's earmarks and use it against him.

Like the "Aquarium in Conneticut."*

Seems what goes around should come around!

*by the way, that Aquarium was the Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, CT. I visited there last summer and I must say I was proud to see my tax dollars well spent! That place is a national treasure.
The whining that goes on in these pages is amazing!!

As I recall Tim was never against earmarking, but wanted it to be more transparent process, which he is helping with by making his requests public.

The way I remember it, it was an invention of the Schwarz people that "he won't fight for district funding". I'm glad we have a fiscal conservative who is willing to fight for our district while looking after the overall budget and spending priorities.
Wrong, Schwarz led the fight to have the Representative's name and district placed next to the earmark item so when these outrageous items came up, the person who placed it in the bill would be acccountable.

Walberg campaigned against earmarks and took Schwarz to task for voting in the affirmative which included other states requests.

What Walberg campaigns on and what does are two different things. The reality is that his camapaign rhetoric came up against the reality of doing the job. He has to support "earmarks" for the good of his district.

This once again highlights the intellect and integrity of the individual. Let's see if he comes out and admits he was wrong about earmarks and really didn't understand the process.
The cornerstone of Walberg's Club for Growth-funded campaign was no earmarks. Period. You have a selective memory.

Thanks to Schwarz, we have money for I-94 and the Fort Custer air base is still open. Does anyone think Walberg could have pulled that off? And who of those running against Walberg could, either?

The scary thing is that the Fed Center could be placed on the BRAC list or a major employer or two could say they're leaving town. Who's going to be around to help the people of the 7th District? Not Tim Walberg.
This is a hoot. Tim Walberg is asking for money from Nancy Pelosi to make himself look good?

Don't call us Tim, we'll call you.
"As I recall Tim was never against earmarking, but wanted it to be more transparent process, which he is helping with by making his requests public."

That is another lie. Tim the Campaigner said many times he opposed all earkmarking. When the Schwarz campaign pointed out the I94 funding for Jackson was an earmark, Tim the Campaigner said he would support projects like I94 in the normal appropriations process, but never an earmark. (Illustrating his obscene ignorance on Congressional appropriations...)

The funniest thing is, he is such a bull-headed, ego-maniac that he insisted over and over again that he would never support an earmark.

Now he finds himself in Congress with potential challengers lurking from both sides and what does he do?

Unfortunate for us we still have Tim the Campaigner instead of Tim the Statesman. A truly principled, conservative statesman who campaigned on a pledge to never support an earmark would have keep his word.

But, we don't expect honesty from Tim the Campaigner now, do we?
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