Friday, June 22, 2007

Walberg Anti Labor

Tim Walberg must explain this one. Walberg was the only member of the Education and Labor Committee to vote against H.R. 980. This news was picked up by

Years of hard work by IAFF members across the country has paid off with the June 20 House Committee vote of 42 to 1 to guarantee collective bargaining rights for every fire fighter in the nation.
Congressman Walberg is kind of out on a limb.
The sponsor of HR 980, Representative Dale Kildee (D-MI), worked with Republicans on the Committee to address some technical concerns that had been raised during a hearing on the bill. The changes eroded much of the opposition to the legislation and allowed most of the Committee’s GOP members to support the bill. Fifteen Republicans joined with 27 Democrats to vote in favor of HR 980. Representative Tim Walberg (R-MI) cast the lone dissenting vote.
If this does not get Labor fired up I don't know what will.

Show Walberg what you think of this vote by going to My Act Blue Page and make a contribution to help defeat this Congressman.

UPDATE: The Battle Creek Enquirer picked up on this story today. This is the explanation from Walberg's staff,

“The state of Michigan already has collective bargaining provisions, and the congressman felt that federal regulations on top of Michigan’s bargaining position were unnecessary,” said spokesman Matt Lahr.

Walberg believes diverse communities should have the authority to decide at a local level what’s best for employee-employer relations, Lahr said.

This from the AFL-CIO Blog
Fully 20 states do not protect the collective bargaining rights of public safety employees, and two states—Virginia and North Carolina—prohibit public safety employees from collectively bargaining.

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That's Walberg's MO. He votes NO on issues he doesn't understand or take time to comprehend (which is essentially all of them.) He depends on far-right lobbyists to give him guidance and gets his opinions from Club for Growth which owns him; he's never had an orginial thought in his life. The guy is simply a fraud and imposter who has no business being in public service. He's a sterling example of what's wrong with government today. Good riddance to him in '08.
Read that article. The Democrat leaders made every effort to accomodate the concerns of the GOP committee members and secured almost unanimous support.

Our Congressman is a freakin robot with no room for debate in that pinhead of his. He has already learned everything he needs to know and his dogmatic approcah leaves no room for compromise or discussion. Is that how we all get through the day?

Walberg, deep down in his soul, is 100% anti-union. He does not think you and I have a right to be a union member. If he had his way, we'd all still be working 60 or even 80 hour weeks, with no benefits and taking home a fraction of the wages we earn with our blood and sweat.

The major labor unions sat on their hands during this last election cycle and they have themselves to thank for this vote. Luckily, the rest of the country has better representation that we do and hopefully his "NO, NO, NO" approcach to representation will prevent him from accomplishing anything he carries around in that little bucket on his shoulders.

The rest of that committee must be laughing their congressional butts off watching him curl up in a ball and refuse to play.

It would be funny if we were not talking about life and death issues.
As a Michigan professional firefighter, I will be interested to see Walberg show up and tell us how much he values our service...
Without an appropriate heading, I have posted this here and under other stories. I have heard that David Nacht has raised $155,000 this past quarter, making him a very serious contender for the '08 election. This is exactly what the Dems need in a challenger who is going to face Walberg. Walberg has made this race very, very winnable for Democrats, but it will take some financial backing to do so. In raising this money, Nacht has proven himself able to garner the necessary backing. Add that to his impressive resume (working for John Glenn, graduating from U of M and Harvard, unseating a Republican township board, etc.) already featured on the site and you have a very strong candidate.
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