Wednesday, July 11, 2007

College Cost Reduction Act - Walberg Votes No

It's fun to watch the fundraising race as we have been for the last few days, but sometimes it's easy to forget just how enormous the sums being raised actually are. $50,000 and $160,000 are a lot of money, and they seem pretty absurd to someone that doesn't have a lot of extra cash to spare right now.

And especially to college students. The next generation of America is trying to find it's way, but it's being held back by painful economic realities and ever-increasing costs.

Thankfully, Democrats in Congress want to do something about it. Today, the House voted on HR 2669, the College Cost Reduction Act of 2007. As explained by Speaker Pelosi's blog:
The legislation invests about $18 billion dollars over the next five years in reducing college costs, helping millions of students and families. It comes at no new cost to taxpayers, and is funded by cutting excess subsidies paid by the federal government to lenders in the student loan industry.
They even have a nifty graph to show it. Check it out.

The College Cost Reduction Act passed, 273 to 149. In total, 47 Republicans joined a united Democratic caucus in supporting the bill.

Needless to say, Congressman Tim Walberg voted No.

Any college students reading out there? Ask Congressman Walberg why he doesn't think you need any help.

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Does anyone actually belive Walberg would vote in the affirmative on this? Come on, colleges are nothing but liberal producing institutions. It's the place where liberals thrive and reproduce! We can't have that now can we?

He won't have anything to do with amoral, godless behemoths who prey on our young minds. It's his moral duty to stop liberalism in it's tracks and what better place to start than cutting off access to college education.

Way to go Tim, a real values candidate! Keeping on fighting for those values!

I'd laugh if this wern't so serious. The guy is utterly clueless and should never have been elected. Can 2008 come soon enough?
Tim Walberg does not believe the state or the federal government have a role in education. He has advocated abolishing the US Department of Education and his support of the A-PLUS alternative to No Child Left Behind is motivated by his desire to move public education dollars into the hands of religious schools and parents of home schooled kids. He is hell-bent on dismantling any funding for public education other than local funding. While he claims to be the author of Proposal A, (which he wasn't, and which was one of the largest tax increases in Michigan's history, taking from the locals and giving it to the state) his real goals are to decrease funding for our children in public schools.

Time and time again, he votes against public education. This is no different. There is no news here and I'm suprised we are even talking about it.
Recall him. There is a recall petition on file at the County Clerk's office in Lenawee County. A hearing on the clarity of the petition will be held on July 23, 2007 at 1:30 PM in the Probate Courtroom in Adrian, MI.
No Recall. I think Walberg is the worst Congressman. I am working to defeat him. I am against recalls except for illegal activity or gross dereliction of duty. If there is a recall I would vote no.
Illegal activity? Try his fundraising practices. The FEC is investigating him and for illegally taking $500K thanks to Club for Growth.
Is there really a recall? Jim, were you involved in Sharon Renier's campaign last year?

Can you post the text of the recall for us to read? And, is the meeting open to the public?
Recall is an interesting idea. I think there are grounds, provided by Mr. Walberg, including lies and racist comments.

But, why has it been filed with the Lenawee clerk?

According to Michigan law:

"168.959 Recall of senators, representatives, elective state officers, county officials, or secretary of state; filing petitions.

Sec. 959.

Petitions demanding the recall of United States senators, members of congress, state senators and representatives in the state legislature, elective state officers except the secretary of state, and county officials except county commissioners, shall be filed with the secretary of state. Petitions for the recall of the secretary of state shall be filed with the governor.

History: 1954, Act 116, Eff. June 1, 1955 ;-- Am. 1976, Act 66, Imd. Eff. Apr. 2, 1976
Popular Name: Election Code
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