Friday, July 27, 2007

There is more to Walberg Flip flop

This from the Cit Pat. The Airport in Battle Creek was not all that Tim tried to take credit for and voted against.

U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg's office sent out a press release this week that touted his work toward securing $350,000 in federal funding for the Jackson Transportation Authority.
However, the statement made no mention that Walberg actually voted against the transportation appropriations bill that included the JTA funding.

Walberg has really stepped in it.

Well Doug, I think you're helping to uncover why people dislike Congress at a rate much greater than they dislike their own Reps and Senators. Each politician makes the most important part of a spending bill out to be his/her own earmarks, and then it's spun such that the rest of Congress ruined a good thing by adding their own pork to the bill. So it had to be snuffed out because everybody did the same thing. The ultimate in shifting blame for nothing accomplished.
Walberg for President!!
I agree, Walberg would make a great President...maybe Vice President
Walberg-approved media:
Joe Sylvester:

You really need to get a life and afar more suitable education. I would recommend kindergarten again! You call names and not facts!!!! Your as pathetic as Bill O'Liar. Please follow my above advise and hopefully your IQ will go up, because as of now, you stating your age at 22, I feel as if you might have accidentaly put your IQ score in the wrong place!
Have a nice day,

Im Nick Smith
and I approve of this Message
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