Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Walberg: No Caribbean Educational Exchange

After taking a couple of days off from blogging, I'd like to catch up on the Walberg Voting Record.

Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm's life was an American success story. She was the first African-American woman elected to Congress, and she was a presidential candidate at a time when having either a woman or an African-American nominee was a shocking proposition to the country. And she brought with her the unique perspective of having spent much of her childhood in Barbados.

Among the many that Congresswoman Chisholm inspired was Congresswoman Barbara Lee, who introduced the Shirley A. Chisholm United States-Caribbean Educational Exchange Act of 2007. The bill would create an educational exchange program for citizens of Caribbean nations to come to the United States for secondary, undergraduate, and graduate education. This would help our Caribbean neighbors strengthen their economies with educated citizens, spread a favorable image of America abroad, and enrich our own culture. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

The bill passed the House of Representatives, 371 to 55.

Tim Walberg voted No. Joining Walberg was Michigan Republican Peter Hoekstra, but the rest of the Michigan delegation favored the bill.

Does anyone have any idea why he might vote against this?

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Cost? That or the simple argument that Walberg is in favor of abolishing the Department of Education, so why would he want to fund an education exchange program? If he wants to deny funding to our own children, why would he ever vote to educate foreigners?

This vote does not suprise me at all. The flip on implementing the 9/11 panel report is more interesting.
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