Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Walberg Recall Petition Makes News

In today's issue of the Adrian Daily Telegram, there's a front-page article about the recall petition filed against Congressman Tim Walberg. It's not available online yet (I'll post a link when it is), but here are some excerpts.

James R. Carr filed recall petition language against the freshman congressman shortly after he became eligible on July 4, six months after he took office. He composed language that he said gives reasons for both liberals and conservatives to eject Walberg from office. It states Walberg voted to continue U.S. military involvement in Iraq and relies on borrowing money and passing on the debt to future taxpayers.


Carr proposed the following statement that would appear on petitions: "Congressman Walberg has voted for the continuation and funding of the current conflict in Iraq without providing sufficient funds, thereby necessitating the borrowing of money by the federal treasury, thus increasing the federal debt on the current and future taxpayers of this country."


It would be an enormous task to collect enough signatures in the seven-county congressional district that Walberg represents, agreed Carr. He is counting on a flood of angry voters to make it happen.

Volunteers from both parties will join a recall effort, he said, "if the mood of the district is as I perceive it, and as I've been told it is by Democrats and Republicans."

[Clerk Lou Ann] Bluntschly said Secretary of State officials will have to calculate how many signatures are needed to force a recall election. State law requires a number of signatures equal to 25 percent of the votes cast for all candidates for governor in the last election. The 7th District takes in all of Lenawee, Hillsdale, Branch, Jackson and Eaton counties and portions of Washtenaw and Calhoun counties.
There's a lot more in the article than that, but those are the important details. I haven't made up my mind on a recall yet, but it'll be interesting to see what happens.

There's a hearing on the clarity of the language which will be held July 23rd at 1:30 PM in the Probate Courtroom of the Judicial Building in Adrian.

UPDATE: The Telegram now has the story available online here.

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As much as I want Walberg out of office, going off on the war angle is just plain folly and makes everyone look stupid.

The best recall effort will be at the polls in 2008, to pursue this in this manner is a foolish waste of time and energy.

Walberg can be defeated on the issues without going through the frivolous process of recall.

I say we just keep giving him more and more rope and he'll do the rest on his own.
Although I agree with "anonymous" above, recalling him NOW sends a message to him and the district that he is the worst thing that has ever represented us.

I came over to this page today in asking perhaps what would be an even BIGGER embarrassment to him would be to do as many other cities have done and pass a resolution in the city of Tipton calling for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney.

That is, show that he is so out of touch with his constituents, his own home town has abandoned his positions!

Think I would get anywhere if I presented a petition to suggest that the City of Tipton approves of the impeachment of Bush/Cheney?

It is going to take something like 65,000 signatures... That is a ton of work, but I wish them luck.
Love that bias in the Adrian paper, which loves everything Tim does, from comparing black Detroit to bloody Baghdad to celebrating his fight against the Fairness Doctrine. Why would they bring up Schwarz's support for the war. Which wasn't absolute and he's said we never should have gone in. I guess the Telegram staff are hoping they can get jobs with Walberg just like Chris Simmons.
Even if the recall doesn't work (and I have my doubts that it will) at the very least it's going to bring attention to the voting public of Walberg's atrocious record. I easily found Mr. Carr's phone number and volunteered to help; I suggest others do the same.
I sent a copy of the Cit Pat's article to MoveOn.org to be sure to bring it to their attention.
Has anyone else besides me seen the "No Recall" signs in Lenawee County.
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