Saturday, August 04, 2007

Bloggers on Television

Sorry the blog has been so quiet the last few days... It'll get a bit busier soon enough.

But since there's nothing new to read on Walberg Watch, you'll probably wander away from your computer, unsure of what you should do with your time. You might find yourself watching television, perhaps.

If that's what happens, make sure you're watching ABC's World News, and watch for their report on the YearlyKos Convention. Rumor has it that you might see Michigan blogger and Walberg Watch contributor Nirmal being interviewed.

If ABC isn't to your tastes, try NBC, where the talented Liberal Lucy might be spotted. Progressive bloggers are just popping up everywhere!

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Jeebus! After today's House and Senate vote, I sadly don't shiv a git about Walberg. He's the damn least of our worries.

What in hell happened? A list of 16 Dem senators are listed on DailyKos but it says that 23 more who voted for FISA. Where is that list?

I have the entire names of the House.

Damn them all!
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