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The Recall Begins

I just got an e-mail from James Carr:
The board of election commissioners of Lenawee County met at 1:10 pm this afternoon and approved the clarity of the language of the Walberg Recall Petition. Petitions are at the printer now and the recall will begin as soon as the necessary administrative tasks have been completed.
Now comes the gathering of 50,000 or so valid signatures, an incredibly difficult task. However, I've got a feeling that Carr and his supporters will attack the problem with enthusiasm. It'll be interesting to see what happens.

Here's the letter to the editor that Carr sent to several area newspapers explaining his motivations:
To the editor,

As the petitioner who presented the recall petition for Congressman Tim Walberg to the Lenawee County Board of Election Commissioners, I would like to explain my motivation and purpose.

Congressman Walberg was elected with an obscene amount of campaign funds, a sizable percentage of which came from outside the 7th District. Further, he won the election with less than a majority of the votes cast in our district in November of 2006.

He had vowed, during his campaign and since, that he will oppose any increase in taxes, yet, each time that he votes for any bill in Congress that is not supported by sufficient tax dollars to pay for its enactment and promulgation, he is supporting the raising of taxes and passing that tax burden on as a tax increase on all of our citizens.

He voted against an effort to bring the troops home, thereby continuing the slaughter and maiming of one our our most important assets, our young soldiers. This conflict has been instigated and conducted without the approval of Congress, which is required by the U.S. Constitution. It has resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, many of them women and children. It has destroyed that land, its infrastructure, its industry and its economy. It is time that this insanity by our federal government be brought to a vote of the people, which is not influenced by the money of special interests.

A recall petition by a citizen is the purest form of democracy that exists in this land. It is sanctioned by the US Constitution (Amendment X) and by the laws of the State of Michigan, namely Secxtion 168.149, Act 116 of 1954, Michigan Election Law.

This petition was written by me. Neither the Republican nor Democratic parties has had any influence on this action, and nor will they. The hiring of a lawyer to confuse the election board with a sheaf of papers only delayed the inevitable, which is that a recall petition will sooner or later be approved and circulated in the 7th Congressional District of Michigan.

Finally, the irony of this effort to stymie the recall petition is that in order for such a recall to come to fruition, the signatures of at least 45,000 voters will need to be gathered. I certainly cannot do that myself and I do not intend to do so. This is the challenge of the voters of the 7th District. Do you want to continue to be represented by Congressman Walberg or do you want to effect a change in our district’s representation? If you want to change, sign the petition; if not, ignore the opportunity and continue to line up for parades for our fallen soldiers and continue to pay an excessive amount of taxes solely to fund a destructive and poorly conceived conflict far from our shores.

James R. Carr


... And, in the interest of fairness, here's the anti-recall editorial from the Citizen Patriot:

No doubt James Carr is sincere in his desire to see U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg leave office. The Jackson resident disagrees with the congressman politically, particularly with Walberg's support for the Iraq war. Fine. Lots of folks don't agree with the congressman. But that's not reason enough to back Carr's effort to recall Walberg.

The Lenawee County elections board Monday may approve a recall petition, although Walberg's campaign maintains the Constitution should block that from happening. However that board rules, what should concern everyone is the idea of a recall in the first place. This shouldn't be about politics, but about doing right by democracy.

Since the Republican Walberg was narrowly elected in November, he has done little other than what he said he would. He is a fiscal and social conservative, and he has voted as such. He said during the campaign that he supported having U.S. troops in Iraq, and he still does.

He hasn't deceived the public. He hasn't been accused of a crime. He hasn't engaged in tawdry behavior that has disgraced his office. In all, Walberg doesn't deserve a recall effort.

Carr, who explains his recall petition on today's Opinion page, wants to put the Iraq war on the ballot. But if the war is your chief concern, you've had two chances to vote on the issue -- in 2004 and 2006. Republicans who supported the war won this area's congressional seat both times. Like it or don't, the voters had their say.

A recall raises other issues, too. Even if enough people sign the petition, a vote to oust Walberg wouldn't take place until next year. But as things stand, he will be challenged in the November 2008 election.

The congressman's critics will get their chance to give him the boot soon enough. There's no need to rush into things with an expensive recall, financed by taxpayer dollars.

As it is undeniably a Walberg-related story, I'll certainly be reporting on the progress of the recall as it moves forward.

However, just as Walberg Watch will not endorse a candidate in the Democratic primary, this blog will not take a position on the recall effort. I invite my fellow contributors and readers to share their thoughts, both for and against the effort.

UPDATE: The Battle Creek Enquirer has a poll on their website about the Walberg recall. When I checked it just before 1:30PM on August 8th, this is what the result was:


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As much as I want him retracted from Congress, this recall is a bad, expensive idea. I've got to agree with the Cit-Pat.

The best and most effective recall will take place in 2008.

More power to Carr, but I feel it's a rather frivlous and duplicitous effort that will go nowhere.
It's recall time!! Yes for States rights! It would be a honor to add my signature.
I'm not giving a inch & fighting all & every way. Recall today!
Walberg is 10 times the Congressman that the wimp RINO Schwartz could ever dream of being, and 20 times the twerps Griffin and Simpson are too. At least he stands up for what he believes in. And for all of you who want us out of Iraq so badly, what's your plan to keep us safe from terrorists? Hmmmmm??
This is absurd. While there are grounds to recall him, support of the Iraq War isn't one of them.

I still think he needs to be held accountable for libel and slander of Schwarz in the 06 election. I think there were numerous ethics violations in that race that have never been resolved. Add to the fact that he lied to the people of Calhoun County by claiming he supported the ANG and funding Kellogg Airport, voted against it and took credit for "making it happen."

Ethics has been so dumbed down in this Congress it's pathetic. I agree the best recall effort will take place in 08 at the polls. This will only be a waste of time and line lawyer's pockets with tax-payer money.
What's my plan for keeping us safe from terrorists? (By that, I assume you mean foreign terrorists, as the Unibomber and Timothy McVeigh were definately American through and through.) It's simple, but will take hard work: solve the Israeli-Arab conflict.

Considering that private jets aren't screened, nor are containers, trains and ships, only a fool would think we're any safer because we're involved in a civil war in Iraq.
"But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a parliament or a communist dictatorship ... That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country." - Nazi Reichsmarshall Hermann Goering
I just came across this article from one of the newspaper on capital hill... It lays out Cong. Walberg attorney's case that a recall is not Constitutional (I think it's pretty compelling, personally). Say what you want about Walberg, but I think he was pretty clear about the war in last years elections:
Regarding Walberg's comments that a recall isn't Constitutional...there is nothing in the Constitution preventing a recall, it is not addressed at all. The Constitution is MUTE on the subject. So it can't be unconstitutional.

Lot's of things aren't addressed in the Constitution, and things that weren't addressed were to be left up to the States.

The Constitution and Amendments absolutely prohibits the government from many acts, acts which this Federal monstrosity and current administration ignores daily such as illegal wiretapping, taking of a person's property, and so on. Talk about unconstitutional!!

The Constitution states that Congress makes the laws. What's with the Executive Orders then? As far as I'm concerned, those Orders are unconstitutional, having no force and effect, since the executive office is Constitutionally PROHIBITED from making laws!!

As for Walberg, he's an ass, as was Swartz before him. They are both pro-war, pro-corporation, anti-human (unless extremely wealthy), and anti-every Right that Americans should be enjoying today.

Wake up people, we are living in a nightmare. It's time to stop the warring all over the world, and bring our troops home to actually protect OUR country. Not protect the corporate interests in other countries.
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