Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tim Walberg: Anti-Affirmative Action Crusader?

It looks like being anti-tax, anti-gay, anti-environment, and anti-abortion, Congressman Tim Walberg has found his new niche in Congress: anti-affirmative action.

Not to debate the merits of affirmative action programs (that's a controversial issue I'm not gonna touch on this blog), but it's interesting to see that Walberg's picked this as his issue to champion. And really, that's fine. Everyone needs a hobby. But it's sort of odd to see how he's decided to pursue his cause.

First was his very confusing amendment to the Department of Transportation bill, which read:
None of the funds made available in this Act may be used by the Department of Transportation to promulgate regulations based on race, ethnicity, or sex.
That amendment, by the way, passed on a voice vote because, basically, no one could figure out what it would actually do.

After his apparent success with one amendment, Congressman Walberg tried again on the Defense Department appropriations bill with this amendment:
An amendment numbered 6 printed in the Congressional Record to prohibit the use of funds to be used to award a grant or contract based on the race, ethnicity, or sex of the grant applicant or prospective contractor.
As with the previous amendment, I'm not quite sure whether this would actually have much of an impact. However, the amendment failed, 126 to 284.

We'll see if Walberg tries again on the next bill.

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Vern Ehlers was the only Michigan GOP rep to vote against Walberg's amendment on the defense bill.

This is exactly the kind of issue Walberg will try to use to carry him to re-election. Rather than recall how racist he is, we need to get our ducks in a row and blunt this spear with reason. I am dead serious, this could be his issue.
Did anyone see the poll question regarding the recall on the Battle Creek Enquirer homepage?

Maybe the readers of Walberg Watch should weigh in.
great issue! ha... Last year was a democratic tsunami in Michigan and Prop. 2 got 58% statewide, I'm sure it was over 60% in the district. Perfect anti-establishment issue for the Congressman... Sounds like he's representing the feelings of the state in D.C.
This is another weird, disjointed comment preceeding me. I think the poster is agreeing with my alarmism on the anti-affirmative action issue, but I think they are trying to be clever and sarcastic (neither comes across well.)

Anyway, great stats to back up my claim. There is a major anti-affirmative action push in the courtry and anyone who hangs onto the status quo position has lost touch with the electorate.

Now, passing an amendment to end affirmative action for bridges, that move was silly. Walberg seems to be a master of taking a viable issue and warping it into nonsense.

Much like claiming credit for securing funding for a project which he voted against, that silly amendment on the transportation bill was a waste of time. Hopefully Walberg leads the GOP into la-la land on this affirmative action debate and hopefully his followers don't catch on until it is too late.

The longer they fail to realize the better that he is innefective, irrelevant and irresponsible.
A website/blog to oppose Tim Walberg? There are politicians who make policy that have bad character and no integrity. Mr. Walberg is NOT one of them. Many people in my area know him. It's too bad you are spending so much effort opposing him, when there are others more "worthy" of your investigations.
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