Friday, August 10, 2007

Walberg's Got A Blog!

It looks like Walberg Watch isn't the only blog in town anymore... Congressman Tim Walberg has started his own official blog!

So far, it looks like it's mostly the same recycled talking points and links to his op-ed pieces, but maybe he'll include some legitimate posts someday. Anyway, head on over and comment away. I'll warn you, though, that it looks like the comments are moderated and filtered by Walberg staffers.

Be civil, everyone. We can disagree and debate with kindness and respect.

By the way, here's the comment I left on his first post, which is currently awaiting moderation:
  1. Fitzy Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Welcome to the blogosphere, Congressman Walberg! Although I disagree with you on nearly everything, it’s good to see public officials embracing the internet as a way to communicate with their constituents.

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Gotta love his blogroll. There's some serious wingnutty goodness there.
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