Monday, September 03, 2007

Walberg's Weekly Wrap Up- The "hot button" isues of the summer?

I don't know about any of you, but I did attend one of Congressman Tim's visits to the district this summer, and I wonder if he was really there?
In his "Weekly Wrap up" of Friday, August 31, he takes on the "hot button" issues he faced from his constituents...Taxes, Education, The Second Amendment (?), and Health Care.
What's missing from this list?
Only the major topic of the visit I attended, Iraq and the War!
Of the hour we spent with Tim, the war, terrorism, war funding, and the like took up most of the time. The other major topic was the farm bill.
You think he didn't add it to the list, because he continues to fully support President Bush's policy?

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Walberg likes to make up his own reality and then go from there.

He makes up things all the time and then "responds" to his construct. It is silly to watch and you must watch close to see it. This is a perfect example.

And, what is the "hot button" topic with guns right now? Where does Tim Walberg want to take us next? What does he think we need to do to keep the gun-rights crowd happy?
Right on.

Walberg tells you what's important and tells you how all good moral people should think about it.

You disagree? Oh, well, then you don't get Timmy's e-mails and we ignore you. So nah-na-nah-nah boo boo.
Still absent from Wally's radar is any talk or discussion of AMTRAK, a huge issue in his district, thousands of railroad jobs and one of the largest infrastructures in his district.

Wait, those jobs are union guys, they're not important and most of them are liberal anyway...never mind.
Not only union employees, but the federal government has no business subsidizing mass transit. AMTRAK is something Walberg would eliminate in a heartbeat so that he could pave the way for more Club for Growth-backed tax cuts for the rich.

He is out of touch and does not understand the importance of passenger rail nor the importance of rail transportation to our industrial base.
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