Sunday, October 28, 2007 Launches

If you get a chance, check out Senator Mark Schauer's new website. Rather than the placeholder page it had been, this is a fully-functional website, and it looks pretty good-- certainly better than the 2006 Walberg and Renier websites.

It's a pretty design (which really does matter), and it makes use of a lot of the elements I wrote about before-- links to a Facebook page and YouTube videos, for instance. Really, it's a solid website.

I only have two complaints, which both may be resolved as time goes by. First, the issues section seems kind of light. I don't necessarily disagree with anything, but there's not a lot of the substance we love to see. But I'll give him a pass on that... Tim Walberg's issues page never had any substance. Second, there's no campaign blog. I know it's early in the campaign, but it's never too early to start blogging and getting supporters active. A regularly-updated, well-run blog can be a great way of spreading information and soliciting ideas.

So, it's clear that the Schauer campaign will be investing in its internet operations, which is a good place to spend money. Overall, it's a great website.

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Did you know that Mark was featured on

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I'm glad to see the reactionary Schauer has the Depression-causing Herbert Hoover position on trade. What a fascist.

Why are you so angry? I can understand your frustration with politicians in general; I am also. And I'm highly suspect of each and every one of them, including your guy, Ralph Nader.

Labeling Walberg a lackey seems perfectly on target. But what qualifies your comment that Schauer is a fascist? Care to elaborate? I'd prefer a link so that we can make up our own minds. Your branding of Schauer may be correct if he "favors government control of industry and labor and is opposed to radical socialism and communism". If that is not the case, then your description of him as a fascist is off target.
yeah j what the hay?
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Ralph Nader is not my guy. I voted for Nader in '04 because he was the most strident opponent of the government parties. But I now realize he is a control freak just as much (more) as the denizens of the House and Senate. I eschewed the poverty-causing "social democracy" agenda of the left long ago. It is morally bankrupt and inherently violent. I am a man of peace, and the advocates of armed robbery (Democrats) and mass murder (Republicans) make me angry.

As per your definition of fascism, I think that Schauer -- like virtually every other politician, both aspiring and elected -- fits the bill. He does advocate "government control of industry and labor" -- just look at his campaign Web site.

Mostly I am angry because I am embarrassed that our district is represented by the likes of Walberg, and Schauer -- an uneducated half-wit / thuggish political-machine boss -- is the likely option to face him in November.

Walberg is very vulnerable on the basis of his lack of authentic small-government principles. I post here to highlight them in the hopes that you people will be able to see his contradictions and call him on them. Your perceptions are so clouded by Neo-Maoist ideology that you fail to see when Walberg is breaking from the "conservative" script.

For the record, I will support Sharon Renier. Even though I disagree with her on virtually every issue, she is sincere and authentic. Jim Berryman would have been good too. I know Sharon well and I've met Jim on more than one occasion, and they're both good people (even though Berryman is part of the education mafia). I have also met Schauer and I found him to be a total tool. He's a disingenuous party hack; the cappo of the Jackson County Democratic oligarchy. He is the reason Walberg is in Congress, because he and his henchmen made sure Sharon Renier did not get the support she needed and deserved from the national and state Dems. Schaeur is Walberg's enabler!
By the way: speaking of conservative hypocrisy, the odious Club For Growth showed its true colors today when it released its hatchet-job dossier on Ron Paul. Here is my analysis, I think you CFG-haters will appreciate it:
Death rattle here...

I am a Joe Schwarz fan, looking for an outlet, looking for some like-minded souls.

I am not a raving deomcrat nor a republican. I just happened to like the fact that Schwarz seemed to be pretty independant.

I was hoping he'd run again for the GOP nomination, and then I got slighlty exited that he might run as a democrat.

Right now it looks like we have only two choices. Ultra-Liberal Schauer or Ultra-Conservative Walberg.

I guess at this point I do not really care and I am just happy that we had 2 years of sane representation and the people of this community are commited to seeing that Walberg is not re-elected.

I am poster #3 who asked why you were so angry. I, too, voted for Renier for the reasons you mentioned (sincerity and authenticity) in addition to the fact that unlike you, I agreed with almost all her stances. Still do. But she's not getting out--attempting to meet potential constituents. Candidates need to be going door-to-door in all areas of this 7th District and that is not happening.

I would not have been a supporter of Berryman, however.
There is a poll on the Battle Creek Enquirer front page asking if SCHIP is too generous to middle income families.

Everyone should check it out and vote. Right now it appears readers agree with Walberg.
Just wondering how long before Walberg and CFG launch ""

It would be more truthful and accurate than the slanderous website they put of against Schwarz.

I can't wait to see what Walberg stoops to against a real liberal!
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