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More on Walberg and Ramadan

The other day, I mentioned a resolution that passed the House which recognized the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and commended Muslims who practice their religion peacefully. Congressman Tim Walberg and 41 others couldn't bring themselves to vote yes on that symbolic piece of legislation, and instead voted "Present" in protest.

So why wouldn't Congressman Walberg vote for it? Was it for separation of church and state concerns, like some of you expressed in the comments? Of course not.

From a conservative source, we get this:
Among those who voted present on the resolution was Republican Tim Walberg of Michigan. "To offer respect for a major religion is one thing, but to offer respect for a major religion that has been behind the Islamic jihad, the radical jihad, that has sworn war upon the United States, its free allies and freedom in Iraq, is another thing," he stated.
(Emphasis added.)

Translation: All Muslims are terrorists.

That's exactly what he's saying. He can't support anything offering respect to Islam because he thinks all Muslims are terrorists-- or, at the very least, that they're encouraged by their religion to be terrorists.

Congressman Walberg, some time later this year, someone-- maybe even one of your fellow Republicans-- might want to pass a symbolic resolution recognizing Christianity as a "great religion" of the world, maybe some time around Christmas. Would you support that resolution?

Because aren't all Christians terrorists?

Aren't we all just like the KKK? They're certainly inspired by their faith, among other things, to carry out their violent and hateful acts.

Aren't we all like Eric Rudolph? It was his Christian faith that led him to bomb an abortion clinic, a gay and lesbian nightclub, and, of course, the Centennial Olympic Park.

For that matter, don't all Christians bomb abortion clinics? It seems like that's the thing they do.

Obviously, Christianity is a hateful, violent religion. To offer respect for a major religion is one thing, but to offer respect for a major religion that has been behind so much violence is another thing.

Congressman Walberg, I really, really try hard not to personally insult or attack you. But with this vote and your statement, I can only reach one conclusion: You're a bigot and an idiot. There are 1 billion Muslims in the world. Are you really going to refuse to show them respect because a tiny minority use violence?

Michigan's 7th District deserves better than this.

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Muslims reject the Lordship of Jesus Christ and follow an anti-Christian religion. Muslims murder Christians and Jews throughout the world, not just isolated incidents.
To reconize a holiday in a false religion is no different than bowing down to a false god and bringing on yourself the wrath of God.
You sound like a terrorist yourself. Even Jesus wouldn't tolerate such narrow views. The Kingdom of Heaven has always been in our grasp, but we will never realize it so long as intolerance such as yours reigns free. Shame on you.
The first commenter cannot be so delusional to think this. I recommend you do some research into the history your "vaulted religion" and perhaps you will see the killing, cleansing and wars that have been done in the name of Christianity and your god. But it's ok when it's what you believe, Right? People of real faith practice what they preach. I have been friends with many deeply involved in the church including my father and they are open to others religions, because they see that it is faith in a higher being. You instead use your "faith" to try to create schisms within society and to place your hatred upon others, when it should be directed upon yourself. So next time you want to assume that you can "call down the wrath of god" on whoever you choose, because it's how you interpret something written thousands of years ago, I suggest you save a little wiggle room for yourself in there.
So Muslims murder Christians and Jews throughout the world. Do I approve? Of course not. But I guess it's tit for tat then. We've only taken out over 1 million Iraqis (that figure was an estimate one year ago, how many more 365 days later?) but that's okay because we're Christian and they're nobodies. Get rid of ALL those evil Muslims because not only are ALL of them terrorists, they don't believe in Jesus Christ as their savior.

If you'd grown up in their country, no doubt you'd be of the same mindset. You are completely overlooking the fact that they are the product of their cultural moresĀ“.

One thing we would agree upon is that I guess I don't know your God.
NEWSFLASH--More on Tim Walberg's GOD--

I was reading my local rag (Marshall Chronicle) and came across a guest column by my state rep., Lorence Wenke.

Wenke is a good guy, I don't agree with him all the time, but I do believe he is an honest man who is trying to do the right thing. He is nothing like Tim Walberg.

Anyway, Wenke and his wife are bringing a guest speaker to Kalamazoo on Oct. 30th (10 am and 6:30 pm at the downtown Radisson.) The speaker is the Rev. Mel White. He is an evangelical Christian minister who worked in the past for Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Billy Graham. Pretty good street creds for a Christian, right?

Except Rev. White is gay. And he tried for 25 years to "fix" himself. But then he came to grips with his orientation and now he is speaking about it.

Wenke deserves recognition for having the courage to bring this issue to our community. Walberg should attend.

The last time I heard Walberg address homosexuality, he used the "hate the sin, not the sinner" line. To each his own, Mr. Walberg, but there is no room for hate in my Christianity.
To each his own, Mr. Walberg, but there is no room for hate in my Christianity.

Amen to that, anonymous.
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