Friday, October 05, 2007

New TV Ads Target Walberg

Americans United for Change is launching an ad campaign urging Republicans in Congress to override President Bush's veto of SCHIP. Here's the national ad they're running:

They're also specifically targeting individual Republicans in Congress, including Tim Walberg. From their press release:
With support from AFSCME, SEIU and -- Americans United for Change will launch a significant-six figure national TV ad starting on Monday called “Abby” that will run through the expected October 18th vote. You may view “Abby” here:

AFSCME will also launch targeted TV ads next week pressuring key Republican lawmakers to stand up for families and kids in their districts by immediately changing course and voting to override the President’s veto, including U.S. Reps. Marilyn Musgrave (CO-4), Sam Graves (MO-6), John “Randy” Kuhl (NY-29), Thomas Reynolds (NY-26), Timothy Walberg (MI-7), Joe Knollenberg (MI-9), Steve Chabot (OH-1), and Tom Feeney (FL-24).

SEIU will launch TV ads as well, also starting next week, targeting U.S. Reps. Tim Johnson (IL-15), Rodney Alexander (LA-5), John Boozman (AR-3), Kay Granger (TX-12), Thelma Drake (VA-2), Robin Hayes (NC-8), Barbara Cubin (WY-AL) John “Randy” Kuhl (NY-29), Thomas Reynolds (NY-26), and radio ads targeting Reps. Michele Bachmann (MN-6), Robert Aderholt (AL-4).

In addition to television and radio ads targeting 15 members of Congress, the AFL-CIO,, USAction and TrueMajority announced plans for a massive field mobilization against as many as 20 other targets (see list at bottom) including efforts to get union households involved in lobbying members to support the veto override and activating the powerful progressive online forces. Yesterday groups involved in the coalition held over two hundred and fifty events from coast to coast protesting the President’s veto.
Labor has usually sat out most elections in the 7th District, and I'm excited to see them take on an active role. I look forward to seeing what they do.

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While I'm glad to see someone standing up for the kids, I'm skeptical of seeing MoveOn in the mix. In my mind they have lost all credibility after what they did to Petreus.
Because it was already determined that the General was going to be a water boy for this administration, the legitimate ad was ready to go. We knew (and it was predicted numerous times in the media) that he was going to put a positive spin on the war. The only mishap on the ad was the posting of it prematurely.

For any war authority (Petraeus, Colin Powell--doesn't matter who) to testify that the war is going well, is a betrayal of not only American citizens but of the world. We can't afford any more hyperbole.

Moveon was right in not backing down.
I definitely agree. Petreus and this administration betrayed us all. MoveOn was just telling it like it is.
MoveOn can tell it however it wants. They are free to be as ignorant as the administration and they are free to throw gas on a bonfire rather than engage in the real discussion.

If Schauer thinks MoveOn is going to help him win Michigan's 7th district, he is toking it up far too much.
I was not aware that Schaur was counting on MoveOn for assistance and whether or not they could help is pure speculation at this point. It is very difficult to come to any logical or sane conclusions, considering the discomfort of this nation at this time.

But to call the organization "ignorant" or to compare them to this evil administration is beyond the pale. If only Bush and clan were ignorant; it would be more forgiveable.

(Sorry, fitzy, for the off-topic rant. I won't do it again.)
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