Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Schauer Column on SCHIP

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In a guest column for the Citizen Patriot, Senate Minority Leader and congressional candidate Mark Schauer makes the case for SCHIP.

A few key pieces of the column:
Sometimes if people say something often enough, it seems true. That's what many have been doing in misrepresenting a bipartisan bill to guarantee health-insurance coverage to 80,000 Michigan children. We must set the record straight as Congress has another chance this week to do the right thing and approve this common-sense legislation.


Those who oppose the plan have resorted to myths. They say this proposal will allow illegal immigrants to receive coverage. In fact, the bill specifically says, "No federal funding for illegal aliens." Period.

It is also untrue to say families making $83,000 a year will be eligible. New York once applied for a waiver for families at that level, but it was denied. The bill maintains current eligibility requirements, which means that Michigan children from families earning less than $41,000 would qualify. "Wealthy" families would not take advantage of this program. See for yourself by visiting the nonpartisan

The notion that this bill will result in "socialized medicine" also doesn't hold water. In Michigan, the MIChild program is run by a network of private health-care providers. By extending the coverage to an additional 25,000 kids, the same private network will be used.

This approach could even save our country money in the long run because families without health coverage often turn to the more-expensive emergency room for care. It's true this version spends more than the president would like, but it is not nearly as much as the $12 billion per month we spend in Iraq.


As elected officials, we make tough choices. I recently voted for a budget solution that protects health-care access, even supporting cuts and reforms that traditional Democratic interest groups didn't support. It's time for Rep. Walberg to make a choice that shouldn't be so tough.
But you should really just have read the whole thing.

The veto override vote is tomorrow. It might seem like a lost cause, but contact Congressman Walberg and tell him that you want him to do the right thing, support life, and vote to override the veto.

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Just wanted you to know, fitz, that I did call Walberg's office regarding this upcoming vote on the override veto.

Also, I wonder if anyone else received Tim's 8 page legislative update in their newspaper. I scanned the entire update but two things struck my fancy:

1) Under the title of Returning control of Education Back to Educators and Families , Timmy says, "I will continue to work in a non-partisan way to help improve our educational system to compete in the new global economy, while standing up to the Bush administration and their massive one-size-fits-all bureaucracy in education."

Woooooo! Sounds like Timmy is finally biting the hand that feeds him (sarcasm mode off). Seriously, this from a guy whose wife home-schooled his kids? Nothing wrong with home-schooling but he's certainly not an example of someone who advocates or cares about public education.

2) In his chatty, little column titled Listening and Learning from Constituents is Critical to Doing Job , he says, "Since taking office in January, I have often said one of the best ways I can serve my constituents is to be available, listen and carry our values to Washington.

"Carry OUR values?????". And whose values might those be, Mr. Non-Representative of OUR 7th District. They wouldn't be mine.
Does anyone know if Schauer is pro-choice?

I have heard he claims to be 100% pro-life, but coming from the mouth of a politician, I don't know what that means anymore.

And, on that topic, it looks like you cannot ban abortion, nor can you end it. We can only continue to see that this medical procedure continues to be done in a safe manner by a doctor. I'd pray Walberg comes to understand the idiocy of his anti-abortion stance, but I doubt he would believe anything printed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. (Thats jus more liberal gubment propganda.)

Check it out here:
This should be every Democrat's stand on reproductive rights:

"Abortion is a difficult and often painful decision for a woman to make. It's a decision only she can make, based on the dictates of her own conscience and faith, not on the dicates of someone else's. But, except under exceptional circumstances, such as rape, incest, or danger to her health, she should make that decision s early as she can, so she is not aborting a fetus that is increasingly more like a person."
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