Saturday, October 27, 2007

Schauer Liveblog - 2PM Firedoglake

I meant to get this posted earlier, but life interfered... Sorry for it's lateness.

In about 20 minutes, Senator Mark Schauer is supposed to do a live blog chat, 2 to 4PM, on the national blog Firedoglake.

Why? Because he's being endorsed by the national Blue America PAC, which is pretty influential in the growing "netroots" movement.

I'll have more about all of this later today.

(Thanks to Michigan Liberal and others.)

UPDATE: You can read the liveblog thread here. Schauer raised $1,510.00 in individual contributions from through the Blue America ActBlue page-- not bad for one day. He answered a wide variety of questions, from "Did Senator Bruce Patterson really take a swing at you?" to serious discussions of policy. It's a good read.

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