Thursday, October 18, 2007

Walberg Lies Again on SCHIP

Yesterday, state Senator Mark Schauer wrote a column for the Citizen Patriot in support of SCHIP. Now, it's Congressman Tim Walberg's turn, filling the pages of the Lansing State Journal.

Special interest groups in Washington, such as, are upset with me for standing up on behalf of the taxpayers in my district and backing a reasoned approach to renewing the State Children's Health Insurance Program.

These special interest groups have been advertising on our local airwaves and spreading lies about my position. I support renewing SCHIP to provide health care to needy children in low-income families, but the bill these groups want me to vote for is the wrong approach.

Those nasty liberals! They're spreading lies about Tim!

Never mind that Congressman Walberg's own rhetoric on SCHIP is less than truthful. Rather than refute his points myself, I'll let the Detroit Free Press do it for me, with their excellent editorial on the facts about SCHIP, also published today.

Walberg says:
This bill would give children's health-care funds to childless adults, people who enter the country illegally and families in New York earning up to $83,000 a year who already have private insurance.
(Emphasis added.)

The Free Press says:

On childless adults-
In Michigan, 42% of SCHIP enrollees are childless adults, a program the state started with the Bush administration's blessing. Enrollees' annual income cannot exceed $3,500; the program is designed mainly to get them preventive care that will keep them out of emergency rooms. Two Republican congressmen (Mike Rogers and Dave Camp) sent a letter supporting the state's application.

In any event, Congress ended this option; it was not in the bill that the president vetoed.

In other words, Congressman Walberg, you're lying.

On illegal immigrants-
Not true now, not true in the bill the president vetoed. A provision that may have helped questionable immigrants was put forth in Congress but taken out before final passage. SCHIP goes only to citizens and legal immigrants who have been in the country at least five years.
In other words, Congressman Walberg, you're lying.

On those families in New York making $83,000 per year-
This can happen only if the administration grants a waiver. It has already rejected such a request from New York, probably the only state where the cost of living might justify such a request.
In other words, Congressman Walberg, you're lying again.

Walberg also says:
To pay for this huge expansion, 22 new million smokers will be required over the next five years. This bill and its budgetary gimmicks are certainly the wrong approach to take on children's health care.
The Free Press responds:
The bill is financed by a 61-cent-a-pack tax increase on cigarettes, which covers costs for the first five years. In the second five years, the cigarette tax will not be enough. Congress will have to decide in 2012 whether to restrict enrollment or find new revenue sources. That does not mean they will encourage 22 million new smokers.
In other words, once again, Congressman Walberg is lying.

Congressman Walberg ends his editorial repeating the same false talking points:

The House is scheduled today to vote to override the president's veto of the most recent SCHIP bill.

The Democrats are playing a typical Washington game by inserting funding for childless adults, illegal immigrants and families earning up to $83,000 a year into a bill for children.

Congress should act immediately to direct children's health care dollars to actual children who are in need and put an end to political games.

The Free Press says:

This state is so economically stressed that it's unfathomable any Michigan member of Congress would say no to SCHIP. Families who've had employer provided health care are getting laid off and bought out, or seeing their premiums soar, or finding them unaffordable as they try to stave off foreclosure.

There's no decent reason to deprive them of peace of mind over their children's health.

There are still probably a few hours left before the vote. Call Congressman Walberg and ask him to do the right thing and change his position.

(202) 225-6276



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Well Congressman Walberg with free health care for life, you just inspired me to donate to Mark Schauer's campaign this afternoon.

Thanks for the tiny push. Your words and actions on the SCHIP progam did the trick for me.

Alan Goldsmith
If you want to attack Mullah Walberg, you should do so for his failure to adhere to the Constitution. He describes himself as a "constitutionalist," and yet time and time again, he proves that he's every bit as much of a socialist as the average poster here. It's just that his socialism is of the right instead of the left.

He says he would vote to renew SCHIP... Where is this authorized in the Constitution? Answer: Nowhere. Walberg is a fraud.
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