Thursday, October 25, 2007

Walberg Votes No On SCHIP Again, and Again, and...

I feel like I've written this post before, somehow...

Today, the House voted on the latest incarnation of the SCHIP reauthorization, which was re-worked to address concerns of people like Tim Walberg over illegal immigrants, adults, and higher-income families receiving coverage.

The latest version passed, with a vote of 265 to 142. That's not a veto-proof two-thirds, but it's pretty close.

Congressman Tim Walberg voted No, apparently unsatisfied with the changes.

The next step, if this version is vetoed (which it probably will be) would be a continuing resolution to fund SCHIP at current levels for another month or so. Otherwise, the program loses all funding after October 31st.

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this new schip bill did not address the concerns of those who opposed the last version. it still raises the income level from 200 to 300% of poverty and still puts an additional 61 cent tax per pack on cigarettes to fund it.
Tim Walberg did not vote against SCHIP because of the reasons stated by anonymous - he voted against SCHIP because he is a tool for the Bush Administration, as well as the Club for Growth.
Money for Lobsters, Shellfish, Jefferson's Forest, a Pennsylvania Ice Rink, but nothing for Child Health Care. "Suffer the little children..."
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