Monday, November 05, 2007

Roll Call: MI-07 Is A Toss-Up

I can't find a link (if anyone else can, let me know), but I got this in an e-mail today. From the newspaper Roll Call's rankings of congressional races:
7th district
Incumbent: Tim Walberg (R)
1st term (50 percent)
Outlook: Tossup

In the tumultuous 7th, turnover has been the norm recently. After six-term former Rep. Nick Smith (R) retired, moderate Joe Schwarz (R) took the seat in 2004 — even beating out Smith’s son in a crowded GOP primary.

Schwarz also beat Walberg in that same 2004 primary, but Walberg rebounded to win the 2006 Republican contest and the general election. The second time around, Walberg has significant help from the Club for Growth.

Democrats think they have a good chance against the socially conservative Walberg in 2006. After all, their nominee last time, little-known organic farmer Sharon Renier (D) lost by only 3 points to Walberg, despite spending just $56,000.

A year out from the election, it's already listed as a toss-up. That's extraordinary. Schauer's strength in fundraising and Walberg's apparent weakness has already caught the attention of the national press.

The article then brings up something that's on everyone's mind:
And one other wild card still remains: Will Schwarz and Walberg face each other in a third Republican primary? Schwarz hasn’t ruled out running again just yet, though some close to him say he likely won’t go for it.
Or will Schwarz run as an independent or a Democrat? So many possibilities!

Once again, it's going to be an exciting year!

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